Salt: The Good and The Bad

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Salt has always been one of the basic pillars of any diet. It seems as if it’s in everything we consume, so how can we make it healthier? As with so many other fundamental foods, commercial salt has been denatured  by modern food processing methods and stripped them of their most essential nutrients. Today, the salt sold in supermarkets for use in the kitchen and on tables at restaurants you eat at is over 99% sodium chloride. Just like refined white sugar, this salt is industrially processed, not natural, whole sea salt and is harmful to our health.

The most important element missing from refined salt is magnesium; an insufficiency which contributes to immune deficiency, heart disease and nervous system disorders.  Magnesium is an essential factor in supporting the immune response where white blood cells destroy infectious bacteria and scavenge other pathogens in our bodies. Most important of all, magnesium regulates the balance of acid and alkaline elements in the cellular fluids of our bodies which keep our bodies balanced properly by automatically adjusting cellular pH levels.

The best sources of magnesium as well as other essential minerals and trace elements are whole Celtic Sea Salt and Himalayan Glacial Salt. Celtic sea salt is only 87% sodium chloride plus, the full spectrum of 81 other minerals from the sea, all in the precise proportions required by our body. Himalayan Glacial Salt contains 30% less sodium than other forms of sea salt and it may therefore be consumed in larger amounts for extra mineral supplementation.

The pure sea salts that I love to use every day in all of my meals is made by Frontier Organic. Here is a link to my favorite sea salts that they make, which I use daily in all of my meals and snacks.

  • Frontier Culinary Spices Sea Salt-Fine Grind
  • Frontier Hawaiian Black Sea Salt-Coarse Grind
  • Frontier Yakima Applewood Smoked Sea Salt-Medium Grind
  • Frontier Hawaiian Red Sea Salt-Coarse Grind
  • Frontier Grey Sea Salt-Fine Grind

Sea salt is a great addition to a healthy diet and has helped my low blood pressure tremendously. It’s easy to throw away your processed table salt and reach for sea salt instead. Just look for pure sea salt and sprinkle away!

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