The last month of summer is always the best.

Hope you are loving the sunshine as much as I am.



1.  The Transport Tote   // 2. Salsa Salad Seasoning    // 3.   “Quick Fix Vegan”  // 4.   Tall Butler Tray Stand  // 5.  Sweet Olive Blossom Candle //  // 6. Bar10der // 7.   Canning Jar Tea Towels // 8.    “Domino: The Book of Decorating”   // 9. Organic Gorilla Munch  // 10. “A Beautiful Mess” // 11. Xochitl Blue Corn Chips  // 12.  iPad Case

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  1. I do love August and the sunshine it brings. However, I would not object to a little more warmth. Seriously, this NY August feels like October (especially the nights!) Enjoy the rest of sweet summertime.

  2. So excited to see another great round up of favorites! Love finding a few things I want to splurge on as well as getting some gift ideas.

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