The last month of summer is always the best.

Hope you are loving the sunshine as much as I am.



1.  The Transport Tote   // 2. Salsa Salad Seasoning    // 3.   “Quick Fix Vegan”  // 4.   Tall Butler Tray Stand  // 5.  Sweet Olive Blossom Candle //  // 6. Bar10der // 7.   Canning Jar Tea Towels // 8.    “Domino: The Book of Decorating”   // 9. Organic Gorilla Munch  // 10. “A Beautiful Mess” // 11. Xochitl Blue Corn Chips  // 12.  iPad Case

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  1. So excited to see another great round up of favorites! Love finding a few things I want to splurge on as well as getting some gift ideas.

  2. can’t I mention that I want that Bar10der… too cool. Leaving a comment to win the two jars of Nikki’s peanut butter 🙂

  3. I do love August and the sunshine it brings. However, I would not object to a little more warmth. Seriously, this NY August feels like October (especially the nights!) Enjoy the rest of sweet summertime.