When most of you think of Primary Food, you probably think about the actual food that is nourishing your body, correct? However, when I refer to primary food, I am speaking about everything (except for edible foods) that nourishes your life and body.  An easy way to think about your primary foods is to picture a circle, we’ll call this your “Circle of Life” which includes creativity, education, confidence, home environment, career, finances, social life, home cooking, spirituality, relationships, physical activity, and health.  This exercise will help you to discover which primary foods you are missing the most.  The circle of life has 12 sections; look at each section as a piece of the pie and place a dot on each piece of the pie marking how satisfied you are with each area of your life.  A dot placed at the center of the circle or close to the middle indicates dissatisfaction, while a dot placed on the periphery indicates ultimate happiness.  When you have placed a dot for each of the sections, connect the dots to see your Circle of Life.  You will have a clear visual of any imbalances in primary food and a starting point for determining where you may wish to spend more time and energy to create balance and joy in your life.

I believe these are the Primary Foods that enrich our daily lives.  Yes, eating your veggies does a body good, however, if you lack primary foods in your daily life- you will feel an imbalance.  Try to make a list of your primary foods and post it somewhere to remind you to add more of those into your life on a daily basis. 

Primary Foods and Cravings

Interestingly enough, Primary Foods tie in with your cravings, as well.  If you find yourself craving certain foods, try this exercise to help you target your triggers as well as what Primary Foods you are lacking in your life:

 Identify a strong craving you have or have had in the past.  Begin to deconstruct the craving by understanding both its physical and emotional/primary food components.  What are the action steps you can take consistently this week to help you reduce or eliminate your craving? What did you notice?

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