Tapeworm | Foodborne Illness 

Worms and dozens of other common parasites that enter our bodies and colonize the digestive tract generally don’t tend to cause many issues as long as they remain in the bowels and the internal surroundings within the body remain properly balanced to keep them there. However, problems do arise when immune defenses weaken and the tissues enter a state of acidosis. When our bodies are toxic and our resistance is low, parasites and worms flourish out of control and spread rapidly to other parts of our body where they are not supposed to be such as the brain and liver.

All parasites feed and thrive off of our body’s nutrients and they excrete their toxic metabolic wastes into our body’s tissues; therefore they’re a major source of tissue and blood toxicity. As these parasites spread and multiply, they use up more of our nutrients and weaken our body’s defenses while polluting our bodies. There are many herbs that destroy worms and other parasites so they can be eliminated from the body and are very effective. I suggest working with an Integrative M.D. for a parasite protocol.

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