November is one of my favorite months. It’s not too chilly in Manhattan yet and it’s super cozy to curl up under the covers, read a good book, watch a movie and roast some fabulous veggies in my kitchen. There’s something about November that makes gratitude so much more profound. It’s probably because of Thanksgiving and the act of giving thanks for what we have or maybe it’s the cooler weather and the need to hibernate a little bit more with a cup of hot cocoa. Maybe it’s the need to have potlucks or dinner parties with friends and laugh until your belly’s hurt or maybe it’s the darkness that starts to set a bit earlier with the time change. Whatever the reason, I am always more present and grateful in November. How about you?

A beautiful gratitude playlist to play in your home for the holidays to release stress.As we enter the month for giving thanks, I can’t help to look back on the last 10 years of my life in awe of what I’ve been through and how I’ve persevered and survived and how I’m thriving with my health and my life. Take time this month to look back on all you’ve accomplished this year and let yourself get cozy in your bed with the covers pulled up…let these songs play and close your eyes. Relax into your body. Let the tenseness of your muscles go and just lay like a puddle on your bed. Feel the beauty of these songs and their vibrations deep in your soul. I hope this playlist makes you feel cozy and grateful. I sure am grateful for all of you.

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