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We’ve been getting a ton of questions lately regarding the best non-toxic home staples so we wanted to share some of our favorites with you! These are products that we not only love but that keep our home and bodies safe from toxins and chemicals that hide in most products. We’re bringing you everything from jar sets and essential oils to bedding and shower curtains. Here are a few of our favorite brands that we trust when it comes to non-toxic home staples.

ORGANIC BATH TOWELS // We love using these organic towels (one option we love is in the first row down below and another option we love in the third row down below) to dry off with after bathing with our favorite non-toxic body wash which you can check out here. Start with one organic towel and see how you like it before going in and purchasing a few. These towels are plush and super cozy!

SMALL GLASS FOOD STORAGE JARS // These are the best for storing your leftover veggies (located in the first row) like from our Crispy Roasted Brussels Sprouts with Balsamic Glaze recipe in your fridge or for your dry ingredients such as dry quinoa and wild rice in your pantry.

LARGE GLASS BEVERAGE + FOOD JARS // Looking for the perfect glass storage container to store all of your dry foods? This is our favorite one (see below in the third row) that you can store your gluten-free oats in. We keep this in our pantry and it keeps our oats and other gluten-free whole grains super fresh!

GLASS FOOD STORAGE CONTAINERS // We love using these storage containers (see below in row two) for leftovers when we make our Baked Chili Pasta Casserole recipe and when we have extra Beautiful Butternut Squash Sauce. You can use these containers for anything from salads to sauces to soups. Our recent recipe, Creamy Roasted Cauliflower Soup would keep nicely in these containers. Our food always tastes fresh, even after storing leftovers for a few days in our fridge. It makes such a difference to purchase quality storage containers for your food!

PRESERVING + CANNING JARS // These jars (see below in row five) are perfect for preserving or canning your food. Processing the food at high temperatures helps the food to not spoil while removing any contaminants and air. These are our favorite for preserving some of our veggies.

NON-TOXIC DRYER SHEETS // We no longer use dryer sheets because they are filled with chemicals and the scent is way too much for us to handle, instead we use the wool balls shown below (located in the third row).

ORGANIC BEDDING // Sleeping on non-toxic bedding is not only super comfy but also gives you peace of mind knowing you’re not sleeping with any harsh chemicals. If you’re looking for more ways to transform your sleep you can read our article here. We’re sharing our favorite sheets (see below in the second row) that we love that have no chemicals in sight!

GLASS JUICE JARS // We use these juice jars (see below in the forth row) to store our freshly squeezed orange juice and freshly squeezed grapefruit juice. The jars are ideal for locking in freshness! We also like to filter our water and store it in these jars as well with a few slices of lemons and limes. You can read more about how to filter your tap water from chemicals here.

PARCHMENT PAPER // Using parchment paper instead of aluminum to line your baking sheet will keep you from accumulating heavy metals in your body because the aluminum from tin foil does leach into your food. We love this brand of parchment paper (see below in row five) when we’re making some of our favorite dinner recipes. Make sure to purchase non-bleached parchment paper so you’re not allowing bleach to leach into your food!

NON-TOXIC CANDLES // This candle smells amazing (see below in row six) and it’s perfect to keep in your bedroom to relax your nerves before bed. Many candles are filled with chemicals and the wicks are full of lead so you inhale all of that junk when you light a regular candle. Not healthy at all! Read more about how to make your bedroom non-toxic here.

NON-TOXIC TOWELETTES // We love having some cleansing towelettes on-hand at all times especially when they have essential oils in them. Just sprinkle a drop of your favorite essential oil (ours is below) on the towelette with warm water and use. These are great for kids and ideal for any room in your house, especially the kitchen and bathroom as well as the playroom if you have children. If you don’t want to make your own, you can buy our favorite brand listed below (located in row six).

NON-TOXIC SHOWER CURTAIN LINER // It’s easy to forget that even something as simple as a shower curtain liner can contain toxic chemicals and it’s even more toxic when hot water and heat rubs up against it. We love the brand below (located in row six) because it’s inexpensive and matches any bathroom. Don’t forget, while you’re showering to wash your hair with non-toxic shampoo and conditioner.

ESSENTIAL OILS // Essential oils serve many purposes, they can be calm and relaxing or uplifting and refreshing. They even help treat allergies, especially this Eucalyptus one (located below in row six). Pair this along with our favorite air filter, which you can read about here and your home will smell like a spa in no time.


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