I’m APPsolutely in love with these Phone APP’s for my Verizon Wireless phone! They help me do everything from find gluten-free restaurants to search the weather for the week.

I hope they’re useful for you, too.

THA App Collage.001THA App Collage.002

Fooducate + Healthy Food Diet // Fooducate for Allergies + Gluten-Free // Simply Being Guided Meditation // HappyCow VeginOut Guide  // Gluten-Free Restaurant Items  // Perfect Produce by SparkPeople // Gluten Free Registry // The Gluten-Free Scanner // WebMD  // Nike+ Running // WeatherBug // The Weather Channel // FlightTrack // TransitTimes + Trip Planner // Grocery King Shopping List // Amazon Mobile // Etsy // Food Network In the Kitchen // Weber’s On the Grill // Instagram // Locate Special Diet

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