I recently received a Pure Soda Maker that Soda Stream sent to me to use and review. Now, I’m not one to drink soda or ‘pop’ but I do love seltzer, so I was pretty excited to test out this fun product.  I got started right away and began making bubbly.

There were 9 flavors sent for me to review, however, the sugar content was way too high to even try the Ginger Ale, Cranberry Raspberry, Lemonade and Orange Soda.  Therefore, I opted to taste the Seltzer, Diet Cola, Diet Root Beer and Diet Grapefruit.

The Soda Stream came with 2 reusable soda bottles, a carbonator (for the bubbly to make a refreshing spritzer) and detailed instructions-which were pretty easy to follow.  The beauty of this product is that it’s cordless and easy to store on my counter top or in my pantry.

I screwed in the bottle to the lil machine and pushed the button…saw some bubbles…added a cap-full of the desired soda and pour it into the bottle.  Easy as 1-2-3. Not bad, Soda Stream!  A little shake and it’s ready to serve.

Now for the taste…

Well, the Grapefruit flavor was delicious and I’d surely try it again, but I enjoyed making the plain seltzer the most as I opted for adding my own sliced cucumber and  freshly cut lime and lemon wedges.

I am so excited to have this Soda Stream in my kitchen, especially for all of my guests and clients to see the simplicity and taste the deliciousness.

Thank you, Soda Stream for a fabulous new appliance and a fun way to jazz up the plain ol’ bottle of pop from the store and to help save the planet by reducing the use of plastic bottles.

I can’t wait to use this Soda Stream for my upcoming client event where I am planning on creating a Grapefruit Spritzer with fresh mint leaves, fresh lemon and a hint of crushed ice…Doesn’t that sound fabulous? Perfect for quenching your thirst on a hot summer day.

I highly recommend this adorable soda maker – it’s simply fabulous.

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  1. I am actually one to drink egular soda but their products have splenda in them! All friends always question me on that because of my type one diabetes and celiac but it is because of the chemical processes it goes through. Do you know of any great recipies for cola or where I could purchase the Coca Cola brand flavor? I have been told that the brand is available for purchase somewhere.

    1. Thanks Cassie; great to hear from you. The regular Cocoa Cola flavor is sold in many specialty stores as well as online, I would try googling it and seeing if anything comes up. Also, you could reach out to Coca Cola and ask them as I’m sure their customer service would be more than happy to help you. Sorry I couldn’t me of more help to you but keep your head up and good luck finding something. Feel free to ask me any questions or let me know how I can help you with any foods n’ beverages for your celiac disease and Type 1 Diabetes. Enjoy your Sunday.

    1. They’re amazin’ Melissa..nothin’ like making your own seltzer..hope all’s well with you out in Minnesota! Miss ya; enjoy your day. Best, Aims