I thought this would bring along a bit of a chuckle…

Happy Thanksgiving.

I hope your meal is delicious and enjoyable!

On this day, I thank YOU…

My Readers, My Clients, My Fans, My Family and My Friends.

Thank YOU for all of your support.

Happy, Happy Thanksgiving!

Now, go ahead and eat…


I know all of you out there love Siggi’s thick, fabulous yogurt…

Leave me a comment telling me how you enjoy eating Siggi’s yogurt. A recipe? By itself? In a soup? Morning breakfast?

Lookin’ forward to hearing your tasty yogurt creations.

Happy Thanksgiving.

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  1. What a coincidence. I ate a Siggi’s yogurt this afternoon. I only get one every few weeks because of its cost and I was just craving its thickness this afternoon. I actually dipped some veggies into it. I looooove Siggi’s and want to win sooooo badly!

    1. I agree, the Siggi’s yogurts are quite pricey, but they are so deliciously thick and perfect for a recipe or a snack! Thanks Nikki! Have a great day. Best, Amie

  2. I eat Siggi’s mixed with granola or fresh fruit. I also have been known to use it in smoothies with 1 container siggi’s, 1/2 c. milk and 1 c. fresh or frozen fruit. If you don’t use frozen fruit, add a couple of cubes of ice to thicken the smoothie.