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Detox Bath: Using Epsom Salt

Epsom salt baths are a great way for me to detox my body and boost my immune system. I feel energized and rejuvenated from them because they rid the body of toxins that cause us to be tired and stressed. Taking a bath in Epsom salts allows our bodies to release any harmful substances we’ve come into contact with via food, our environment, etc. Our skin is our largest organ and our primary detox organ, which is why a detox bath is so beneficial. You can use Epsom salt baths to cleanse your body if you are looking for an easy way to support your liver and help with die-off symptoms with; it’s a wonderful detox for your body.

What Are Epsom Salts?

Epsom salts are made from magnesium and sulfate, which are easily absorbed through our skin, which aids in detoxification.

How Epsom Salt Baths Work

An Epsom salt detox bath stimulates your lymph system and encourages increased oxygen and blood flow to our body. The sulfates  in Epsom salts are essential for the formation of proteins lining the digestive tract; they also stimulate the pancreas to form digestive enzymes, which are necessary to detoxify our bodies. Soaking in Epsom salts boosts the body’s magnesium levels because it is easily absorbed-this helps our muscles relax and is why these baths are perfect right before bed. My Epsom salt detox bath recipe below helps neutralize toxins and aids in protecting the body from heavy metals.

Epsom Salt Detox Bath Recipe

2 cups of Epsom Salt
6 drops of Organic Essential Oil (Such as Aura Cacia brand)
2 Tbsp. Organic Apple Cider Vinegar (Such as Bragg’s)
2 Tbsp. Detox Clay
Filtered Warm Water
Optional: Himalayan Pink Sea Salts

I made sure to use warm water and not hot water because hot water can dry out skin and strip away protective oils. I found it most beneficial to soak in the bath for 40 minutes; this will allow for enough time for your body to remove the toxins and absorb minerals in the bath. I often use lavender, tea tree oil and rose essential oils in my Epsom salt baths.

How Often Do I Take An Epsom Salt Detox Bath?

I started the baths 2-3 times a week for a month and felt instant relief after my first bath. As I started to have more die-off symptoms and pain, I increased this to 5 times a week until my pains subsided.

Body Brushing After The Epsom Salt Bath

To help with your detoxification, when I dried my body from the bath, I used a body brush to stimulate my lymphatic system and release toxins.

Additional Add-in’s For Your Epsom Salt Bath

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