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Holiday Detox.

It’ not something most of us think about leading up to the holidays. Now, post-detox is another story! Many people yearn for a detox when January 1st rolls around but we had a thought…what if we were conscious enough to take care of ourselves throughout the holiday season so that when January 1st appears, we’re not fatigued, brain-fogged and bloated.

Let’s think about this for a minute, shall we? You know we’re all about addressing the energetic, emotional and physical levels of the body when it comes to our health but what we often forget is addressing these levels in our everyday life. We’re often too stressed out to enjoy the little things and too consumed by social media to sit back and relax and check in with ourselves and our energy.


It’s something we all feel but we can’t see. I assure you, if you start checking in with your energy throughout the day to see how you feel and what triggers you or what causes you to get jealous or to shut down, you’ll start to notice the energetic shifts in your body. This is all a part of awareness, which I talk about in Part 3 of Why Staying Safe Makes You Feel Stuck. I talk a lot about energy because it’s such a huge part of getting healthy that mainstream medicine sadly doesn’t address. In my method that I use with my private clients and on my retreats, the energetic level of the body must be addressed for full healing to take place!

And you’re in luck because the songs in this month’s playlist are all about getting you in the holiday spirit to raise your energy level, increase your awareness and get you feeling good about the choices you make to take care of you and your family on a daily basis- not just for planning a New Year’s resolution!

CLICK on the image ABOVE to listen to this month’s songs and dance in your kitchen while you’re making our NEW holiday parfait and oatmeal cookie recipes. 

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