december playlist

Hello December!

I’m so excited for snow and family time this month. I love being with my family for the holidays; we’re like four little peas in a pod and we giggle a whole lot. I visit my parents for Christmas and spend most of the time in the kitchen testing new recipes and baking for Christmas day. One thing that is helpful for when you’re headed to visit family this holiday season is to remember to give yourself space and alone time. When I was in my 20’s, I never did that when I was at my parents home and we ended up getting on each others nerves, which I know happens to many of you, as well! This year, break the habit of always having to do something or always having to be around people and give yourself time to breathe and just BE and relax. Alone time is such a big part of a healthy life and is key for keeping your body energized.

This month, play some of these songs in your home while you’re baking Christmas cookies or while you’re watching the kids play outside in the snow. They’ll bring a smile to your face and I guarantee you’ll want to hug your family after you listen to them.

Happy holidays!



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