I didn’t even know what boundaries were until a few years ago.

Did you?

If so, you’re ahead of the game.

I’ve spent the three last years (but mostly the last year) diving deeper into understanding boundaries on an energetic and emotional level (as well as physical) and I must say it’s been transformative!

Weak boundaries, building walls around ourselves to cope with reality, people pleasing…the list goes on and on. This all stems from our childhood and most of us weren’t taught how to express ourselves in a calm and confident way to stand in our truth.

What we really needed was someone to model this behavior for us, but sadly most women don’t have this experience when they’re young…which means there are a ton of us who have boundary issues as adults and YES this has a HUGE effect on your health…whether you want to believe it or not. I never wanted to believe it.

Mostly because I’m stubborn but now I see the connection so strongly and I have rock solid boundaries that make my life so much easier and less stressful.

Which brings me to today’s topic.

We’re talking about energetic boundaries and how to handle (and create) boundaries to protect yourself and your energy. We all know the feeling when someone drains our energy and we wish we put up boundaries with them! I know you’ve experienced this before. It seems like the holidays can exasperate situations like this with holiday parties and family members and lots of non-stop social gatherings.

Because we’ve heard from so many of you and you’re deep in the stress of the holidays with family members that don’t understand your new healthy lifestyle and/or your healthy alternatives at mealtime, today’s episode will help you create the internal and external boundaries you need to keep yourself healthy! You can use these tips and suggestions any time of the year, however, they’ll be most helpful during the holidays because we know being around lots of people with conflicting beliefs sitting in tight spaces can lead to a whole lotta craziness. Enjoy!


Click the PLAY button below to listen.

As always, we love hearing from you. This series is here to answer your questions so please reach out to us at with your questions that you’d like answered in the next episode of Dear Amie where we answer questions from you!

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