It’s March.

I’m hoping Spring comes soon, how about you?

Ready for winter to be over? Me too! Here’s a few treats to enjoy this month.



1. L.L. Bean Boots // 2. Organic Blackberry Tea // 3. Organic Cacao Nibs // 4. Bragg’s Ginger & Sesame Salad Dressing // 5. “A Place at the Table” // 6. J. Crew Camo Jacket // 7. Fox Glasses // 8. Bird Dessert Stands // 9. Jacket // 10. Project Life Core Kit // 11. “The Smitten Kitchen Cookbook” // 12. Thumbtacks 

#1 Best-Selling Cookbook

Over 200 vegetarian recipes free of gluten, dairy, soy, sugar, eggs, peanuts, corn and other inflammatory foods.

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  1. Amie, thank you for the drawing (I would so love to win please) for the Bob’s Red Mill Almond flour. YUMMO! I am hooked on Almond flour as my go-to ingredient for all my Paleo recipes. It makes everything (e.g. breads, muffins, cookies, bars, etc.) so light and fluffy. I use coconut flour with extreme caution because it is so dense (i.e. heavy). Almond flour/meal is a Godsend. Thanks for all your recipes. Keep on baking. We love the results.

  2. I’m so glad I stumbled upon your site the other day. I commented on your recent giveaway post on Facebook. We are starting an elimination diet with our 4 year old son next week. He was diagnosed with (high functioning) ASD & “hyperactivity” last year. After further personal investigation & research on nutrition and biochemistry, I am starting to believe his symptoms are more food sensitity related that go along with his digestion problems. I was struggling to come up with a good meal plan for us until I found your blog. Thank goodness!! We are doing this as a family for the entire month of April. Eliminating gluten, dairy & casein, soy, eggs, corn, & yeast-containing foods and sticking to whole foods. I’m so excited to try your recipes out along our journey! 🙂


  3. How cute are those thumbtacks? They would make even grocery lists fun.
    I love the almond meal. I use it to make fruit crisps. I can even cut down on the amount of shortening to make it crispy/crunchy.

  4. I am brand new to the gluten-free diet and finding it slightly overwhelming stocking my pantry. I am excited to feel better and lose weight though, through cleaner eating. Thank you for this website and all your advice & guidance!

  5. Love all of your picks (as usual)!! We’re enjoying spring weather here in Seattle! Hope it’s nice at the end of May when I head to NYC- will be keeping an eye out to see if you have another class then while I’m in town 🙂

  6. Trail mix is one of my kids’ favorite snack, especially right after school. Thanks for your giveaways. I hope I can win these.

  7. I love these posts! You always highlight some things that are new to me, which is great! I’m also excited to see The Smitten Kitchen cookbook…I think her blog is where I tried my first ever homemade granola bar recipe!

  8. The no-nuts trail mix by Enjoy Life looks awesome! My kids have severe nut allergies so I can never buy trail mix…hope I win!

  9. I truly have never seen your blog before. I’m amazed at the information to delve into along the right side of the page, much more, what you write daily! Excited! Love learning new info about eating gluten free for my Celiac disease. Also would love to try the new seeds and fruit granola! Now…off to do some catch up reading on you blog!

  10. Your website is amazing! I’ve learned sooo much,and can’t wait to incorporate all this new info into my life! I’ve shared your info with friends and family,and I know,they too,will become fans as well! Stay blessed 🙂

  11. Really happy to have found Enjoy Life foods. I have a toddler who was recently found to have peanut, soy and egg allergies. The good thing is that fresh fruits, vegetables and non- processed meats aren’t off the menu, but at least I have the option of allergy free treats when she wants one. Looking forward to more recipes!

  12. Thank you for the drawing for the gluten free artisan breads! Something even my husband would love! Cheers and gl to all of us entering!
    ~Sherry Bettis

  13. I would to be able to make good gluten free bread at home. Sounds like this would be the one to try. Thanks for your willingness to continue your food research.

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