The Movement™

After years of studying with some of the most incredible men and women from all over the world to heal my own body: bodyworkers, shamans, emotional release massage practitioners and more, I became fascinated with understanding the power and interconnectedness of the nervous system, fascia and the subconscious mind. 

Through my curiosity and passion as well as years of self-study being a guinea pig to my own discoveries, I created my own method of gentle conscious movement called The Movement, a low-intensity “workout” that does not raise the stress hormone we’re all full of these days in fight-or-flight (survival mode) called cortisol, nor does it burn out the adrenal glands, which are severely depleted in most of us from our stressful lives and suppressed emotional pain. This movement actually balances the nervous system, resets the energy in our body from being tight, constricted and bound up from what we’re holding onto emotionally and energetically from our past, and unravels this stuck energy to loosen, relax and move into in a state of flow and ease.

After being a high-intensity athlete playing soccer and lacrosse for twenty years of my life as well as being a gymnast for over a decade, I always thought cardio and high-intensity workouts were my only options. As I watched my muscles slowly deteriorate from myositis and the other chronic health issues I had throughout my 20’s and 30’s, which left me unable to walk or move at times, I longed for a gentle “workout” that would help restore me back to my vibrant, strong self, yet I didn’t know where to turn. Then, after gaining over 50 pounds after having c.diff colitis and major hormonal imbalances, I realized I had to find another way to move my body, release the excess water weight my liver and kidneys couldn’t process at the time and allow myself to discover a new approach.

The inspiration for The Movement came from being a little girl watching my mother teach aerobics and gymnastics in the ’80s as she lit up the room with so much joy and fun. I knew at some point I’d be sharing something similar to help lift women up emotionally and energetically and guide them in embracing their bodies through conscious movement and self-expression. 

If you’ve been on one of my retreats, you know The Movement well because it’s a practice we enjoy every morning to wake up the nervous system, get our energy flowing through our mind and body, and get into the present moment where our bodies can relax and let go. Now, through neuroplasticity and cutting edge scientific research, I’m bringing you The Movement so you can release stored up emotions and trauma lodged in your nervous system and fascia.

I’m excited to be sharing this movement method with you because for so long I longed for a “workout” that would not deplete me or make me feel worse throughout my 12-year healing journey and I couldn’t find anything that didn’t tank my nervous system or bore me with the same postures over and over again. 

This gentle movement was my answer and I hope it is yours, too.

Welcome to conscious movement: a whole new way to move your body, shift your mind and express who you truly are.

The Movement will continue to be offered in all upcoming retreats.