The October playlist of music for your soul.


Click the PLAY button below to listen to Amie talk about SOUL and then click the above image to listen to this month’s playlist.


I didn’t really understand what ‘soul’ was until I hit rock bottom with my health. I don’t think I actually gave it any thought before that. Have you?

As many of you can relate…when you hit rock bottom from anything in your life whether it’s a breakup or a chronic health issue or losing someone you love or any situation you experience that makes you question your life and your existence and what you’re doing here on this wild large ball in the middle of a solar system, you start to tap into something deeper…your soul.

All I can say is that since my lowest rock bottom with my health a few years ago, I had no way of climbing back up without addressing what my soul was calling me to do and heal myself on a much deeper level than kale and supplements. If you’ve hit your own rock bottom, you get it. I hope the above audio AND this month’s playlist help you tap a little bit deeper into your soul to truly experience the depth and beauty of life.


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