Jeffrey Morrison, M.D. has been an incredible asset to me with my healing journey. He was not only my Functional Medicine doctor for a few years after I had c-diff colitis but he also became a very good friend of mine and I’m beyond grateful for all he has taught me. Dr. Morrison helped me tremendously with the detoxification of heavy metals in my body as a doctor, and as a friend he introduced me to a book that changed my life forever called Letting Go. That book started my journey into literally ‘letting go’ of pushing myself and trying to fix my body and control everything around me, which is what most of us are doing. It changed the way I looked at myself and the way I was handling my health issues; I wouldn’t be where I am today without having read this book. I’m delighted to share a few words from Dr. Morrison with you today and I encourage you to look into his practice at The Morrison Center here in Manhattan if you’re looking for a M.D. who understands toxicity, Lyme disease and gut health.

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AV: What inspired you to start the Morrison Center?

JM: In 2004, after having practiced with some excellent, very successful, large integrative medicine practices like Dr. Atkins’ in New York City, it became obvious to me that there was a need to care for patients on a much more individualized basis. I started The Morrison Center to bridge the gap between excellent integrative medicine and individualized, personalized care.


AV: What don’t people realize about your work in Functional/Integrative medicine? What would surprise them?

JM: Some people are surprised to learn that some very simple changes can make a really big impact in overall health. For example: diet truly is the foundation for good health, just like Hippocrates said: “Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food.” It’s that simple, and it works, as a foundation.


AV: Talk to us about Detox. It’s widely misunderstood and quite necessary for all of us to do on a daily basis these days. What are your favorite ways to detox and why should we detox?

JM: When diet isn’t enough to support healing, it’s because there’s some impediment to the healing process. Detox is really about removing that impediment, whatever it may be, with a holistic perspective: by removing unhealthy foods, unhealthy behaviors, and toxic substances, and replacing them with healthier practices. There are many strategies; at the highest level, many of them are working toward the same end. We often start with an elimination diet, then some type of technique to facilitate the process, like sauna or nutritional IVs.


AV: When I was your patient, you helped me uncover mold and heavy metals. I had no idea those were lurking in my body. What makes these both so dangerous and how do you treat each issue?

JM: Mold affects the body both as an allergen and a toxin; heavy metals also act  as an immune irritant and a toxin; they can also disrupt metabolism. The amount of exposure in each individual will have a different outcome: some people can tolerate more, some people can’t tolerate much at all, and that’s why it’s difficult to standardize treatment.

The treatment always starts with avoiding exposure, followed by a program to facilitate the body’s natural detoxification processes. Detoxification usually will involve some type of binding agent to remove the toxin itself, and herbs or antioxidants that improve and support the body’s organs for detoxification, like Detox Nutrients, Pekana Detox Kit or glutathione.


AV: We’re seeing a rise in autoimmune disease, thyroid issues, Candida and other gut issues- do you think this has to do with the amount of stress we’re all under between social media, emails, our phones, work and family obligations coupled with more toxins in our environment than ever before?

JM: The balance between having a healthy body, versus having a body that’s not able to maintain health, pivots on how many different stresses the body has to manage at one time. Today, we’re getting exposed to stresses that our parents and grandparents never had to experience.

While technology has brought so much innovation, we are also exposed to physical and physiologic stress that our bodies are likely having trouble adapting to. Those stresses include: potentially less nutritious foods due to non-organic farming practices, more preservatives in and higher consumption of packaged products, plus electromagnetic stress, the stress of having multiple distractions pulling at our attentions through social media, text messages, emails, as well as a rise in exposure to infections like Lyme disease, chronic viral infections, parasites, and overuse of antibiotics.

Being more mindful of our environment and focusing on personal time, eating healthier foods, exercise, and valuing mindful practices can all help to counterbalance these stresses and keep the body in optimal health.


AV: What is the best piece of advice you’ve ever received?

JM: Be personally responsible for yourself, because at the end of the day you’re truly the only person that will have ultimate responsibility for your actions.


AV: What are some of your favorite ways to unwind, relax and recharge?

JM: For me, moving outside is extremely grounding, whether it’s running in the park, doing kung fu, or taking my daughter for a walk — these things help unwind and relax.


AV: You unexpectedly find 15 minutes in your day, what do you do with it?

JM: See how my staff is doing.


AV: Quick Answers:

JM: Life changing book you’ve read: The Tao of Pooh.

JM: Favorite meal to eat: Daily Protein shake! Or anything my wife makes.

JM: Number of unread emails: 45.

JM: Favorite app on your phone: The Morrison Health App!

JM: The place you go to relax: The Le Pain in Central Park.

JM: Typical breakfast: Eggs sunny side up with gluten free toast .


AV: Finish these Sentences:

JM: A well-dressed man…knows it.

JM: The future…is bright.

JM: Happiness…is everywhere.

JM: Life…is amazing.

JM: I am…incredibly lucky to work with the people in my practice.

JM: There’s a time and place for… dessert.

JM: Before I go to bed…I count my blessings.

JM: In the end…it’s all about love. And dark chocolate.

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