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It’s the New Year and even though January 1st has passed, I know there are so many of you wishing you could hang on to your Clean Eating resolutions, right? Two weeks into the New Year is when many of my clients start to give up. Their cravings start to kick in because they’re not eating the right balance of quality protein and healthy fats. As a result blood sugar levels drop so they reach for something sweet and unhealthy for an instant energy boost. What they don’t realize is that some foods quickly raise blood sugar levels, which sets them up for a blood sugar crash. This is why deprivation and dieting doesn’t work. Eating clean is about nourishing your body with whole foods, quality proteins, healthy fats and lots of fiber in the form of gluten-free whole grains, fruits and veggies.

So, as we start to kick off 2017, I wanted to introduce an amazing new healthy living resource for you that includes videos, meal plans and recipes over on the ALDI blog. This program is called Hello, Healthy. How cute is that? I’m so excited to announce my partnership with this fun program and I hope it inspires you to clean up your kitchen so you can feel your best all year- not just in January! ALDI is creating new content from January through March on this blog with new recipes and meal plans from myself and some of your favorite other foodies. So be sure to check them out each week through the end of March. I’ve created a full meal plan for you on the ALDI blog with a combination of my recipes and the tasty ALDI recipes as well as a shopping list. Yes, we’ve done all the work for you. So, all you need to do is to print out the meal plans and shopping list and get yourself to ALDI to stock up on the clean foods we’ve got in store for you.

I hope you’re ready…prepare yourself for a week of feeling amazing and nourished without the hassle of creating a shopping list and googling recipes!

Check out my full meal plan and the convenient shopping list for this entire meal plan over on the ALDI blog.

Moving on to my two of my favorite nourishing bowls.

  1. Big Summer Buddha Bowl. The beauty of this recipe is that it’s not just for summer. Yes summer is in the title but that’s because I developed this recipe over the summer and the colors were too gorgeous to not call this a summer bowl! So, pretend its summer and dive into this beauty tonight!

buddha bowl

2. The Perfect Sweet Potato Quinoa Bowl with Creamy Carrot Dressing. Creamy Carrot Dressing? YES. And it’s ridiculously good. I love pairing tender roasted sweet potatoes with quinoa and this dressing. I often make extra dressing so that I can serve it all week with sliced veggies and drizzle it over my eggs or other protein sources. You’re going to love it!

vegan salad



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