How to Eat Clean at Any Age // Onions

ONIONS. THEY’RE WHAT’S FOR DINNER. HERE’S HOW WOMEN FROM 3 DECADES (on our team) CREATE A MEAL FOR THEMSELVES WITH OUR STAR INGREDIENT: ONIONS. Onions are quite under-rated if you ask us. They’re one of the BEST ways to add flavor to ANY recipe in very little time. And if you’re anything like us, eating … Continued

Easy Vegetarian Lettuce Wraps with Guacamole

This feature was sponsored by our friends at All opinions are my own. These Easy Vegetarian Lettuce Wraps with Guacamole are the ultimate party appetizer or weekend brunch. My tender, slow-roasted sweet onions are bursting with flavor alongside a spoonful of creamy guacamole, the BEST crunchy pecans and chunks of red bell peppers tossed … Continued

Simple Spring Salad with Roasted Strawberry Dressing {Gluten-Free, Dairy-Free, Soy-Free, Sugar-Free, Vegan}

This article was sponsored by R.W. Knudsen; all opinions are my own. Roasted strawberries are my FAVORITE thing in the world right now. OMG how did I not know about how delicious these were? Last weekend, I was at the shore visiting my family and I asked my mother to purchase strawberries for a recipe. … Continued

My Trip to a New York Grown and Certified Farm

This article is sponsored by Empire State Development. All opinions are mine. A few weeks ago, I had the pleasure of going upstate to an onion farm (if you follow me on instagram, you saw my instagram story videos of me with millions of onions), and I had a blast. Minkus Family Farms in New … Continued

Apple, Parsnip and Acorn Squash Soup and OpenSky Promotion

There’s nothing like a warm soup on a cool winter evening.  This unique soup pairs acorn squash, parsnips and apples together along with Stonyfield yogurt.  The combination of fruits and sweet winter vegetables makes this soup a perfect way to end your day. Ingredients 2 medium acorn squash, sliced lengthwise in half 3 cups vegetable … Continued

Sweet Roots

This recipe is one of my favorites to make on a Sunday afternoon…it’s quick, simple to prepare, and leaves you with a soothing tonic of sweet sauce once cooked to perfection. Ingredients Use as many of the following sweet veggies as you wish: Corn Rutabaga Carrots Onions Beets Winter Squash Sweet Potato Yams Parsnips Turnips … Continued

Prebiotics and Probiotics: Are you Confused?

We all have bacteria living in our gut; some of them may make us sick, however, some are actually beneficial ‘healthy’ bacteria, which help keep yeast and bad bacteria from growing in your intestinal tract.  Bacteria is also used to help keep your immune system function properly and produce vitamin K. Usually we would have … Continued

Eating a Rainbow of Colors

By now, we’ve all heard, “Eat your Veggies”, well there’s a whole rainbow out there of amazing produce known as Superfoods.  Incorporating these babies into your daily diet can fight cancer, improve your memory, and keep those nasty colds away.  So, what are these superfoods that everyone is talking about? Superfoods are fruits and veggies that are full … Continued