We all have bacteria living in our gut; some of them may make us sick, however, some are actually beneficial ‘healthy’ bacteria, which help keep yeast and bad bacteria from growing in your intestinal tract.  Bacteria is also used to help keep your immune system function properly and produce vitamin K.

Usually we would have a large amount of friendly bacteria, however due to antibiotics, poor diets and stress may cause bacterial imbalance that results in overgrowth of yeast and bad bacteria.  Fortunately, prebiotics and probiotics can restore the balance of bacteria in your digestive tract.



  • Prebiotics are the food that probiotics thrive on.  They feed the healthy bacteria in your gut; they mostly come from carbohydrate fibers.  We do not digest them, however, they remain in the digestive tract and encourage the growth of beneficial bacteria.
  • Prebiotics include fruits, legumes and whole grains.  Some of the prebiotics that I recommend to my clients are bananas, artichokes, onions, honey, garlic and whole grains. 



  • Probiotics are beneficial bacteria, which can be found in various fermented foods, the most common being yogurt and sauerkraut.  When you eat probiotics, the healthy bacteria will be added to your intestinal tract. 
  • Common strains of probiotics are the Lactobacillis and Bifdobacterium families of bacteria.

Since Prebiotics and Probiotics work better together, opt for adding foods rich in pre- and pro- biotics to your daily meals.

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  1. Great, succinct info on the difference between pre and pro-biotics! I found a supplement that contains both plus digestive enzymes called Flora Zyme made by Nutri-Health. I also work hard to get my prebiotics in my diet in apples, garlic, onion, artichokes and more. I”m all about my healthy, happy bacteria!
    ~ Anna M.

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