Creamy Strawberry and Greens Smoothie from Mark Hyman, M.D.’s “Eat Fat, Get Thin Cookbook”

Today I’m sharing a fabulous smoothie recipe with you from my friend and 10x NY Times best-selling author, Mark Hyman, M.D. As many of you know, Mark wrote the foreword for my cookbook, Eating Clean. He’s an incredible person, functional medicine doctor and friend. His work is inspiring and truly magical. He’s helped so many … Continued

Why Coconut Oil is My Top Superfood & Why We Need Saturated Fat

Many of you have been asking me, “What is coconut oil good for?” and “What are coconut oil benefits?” So today we’re going to chat it up about my favorite oil. Coconut oil has been my new go-to superfood. It’s helped me balance my hormones and heal my thyroid. It’s one of the only plant-based … Continued

Oil Pulling {Detox}

Uses for Coconut Oil | What is Oil Pulling Oil pulling is an amazing way to detox and rejuvenate your body. It’s a small practice but has remarkable results. I learned about this practice through my Integrative Medicine Doctor. It’s quite simple: All you need to do is use organic coconut oil (I use Barlean’s … Continued

Multiple Sclerosis {M.S.}

MS Symptoms | Symptoms of MS This disease is all about myelin, the protective coating on the outside of all our nerves in the body. If you have MS, the myelin in the brain and spinal cord is damaged. MS is a chronic neurological disorder that destroys myelin. It mostly affects women of childbearing age. … Continued

Non-Toxic Deodorant Products

Best natural deodorant | Aluminum free deodorant // 1. Erbaviva Organic Lemon and Sage Deodorant Spray // 2. Nourish Organic Almond Vanilla Deodorant // 3. // Dr. Hauschka Deodorant Fresh Roll-On // 4. // Weleda Sage Deodorant // 5. // Meow Meow Tweet Lavender Deodorant Cream // And my Easy DIY Recipe for my Homemade Deodorant is below. … Continued

Blueberry Salad with Coconut Cilantro Dressing

This is one of those summer recipes that you can whip up in under five minutes. It’s an incredibly simple dish and I’ve been enjoying it (beyond words) over the past few weeks. I just can’t help but share the love here, folks … I make easy vegetarian recipes every week- but this one’s a … Continued

Roasted Radish, Spinach and Almond Salad with Balsamic Coconut Vinaigrette

Hey YOU. Ya, you. What’s for lunch today?

Thanks to POM Wonderful…’Taste of The Nation NYC’…Here I Come…

Thanks to POM Wonderful, I will be attending the Share our Strength’s Taste of the Nation event here in Manhattan on Monday, May the 17th and I can hardly wait! Speaking of POM Wonderful, last night I created a POM extravaganza in my kitchen…Ever heard of POM Pine Nut Banana Bread, POM Macadamia Nut Brownies or … Continued

Gluten-Free Red Velvet Pistachio Coconut Muffins

Last night while walking home from work, I passed not one but two Crumbs Bakery’s, which are famous for their cupcakes…one glance into the adorable bakery is all it took for me to scurry home and bake these tasty gluten-free red velvet muffins…I opted for a pinch of coconut and a handful of pistachios to … Continued