The Easiest Gluten-Free Veggie Fajitas

I know you’ve been waiting for the easiest veggie fajitas because you’re yearning for a quick dinner that you can put on the table in no time, right? I get it. You don’t want to slave in your kitchen and you don’t need to with these fajitas. I created this vegetarian fajita recipe just in … Continued

Grilled Vegetable Platter with Creamy Avocado Sauce

There’s nothing quite like a grilled vegetable platter on a warm summer night. We know you’re all about getting dinner on the table in under 30 minutes, which is why we created this easy recipe so you don’t have to slave the day away in your kitchen. No oven involved! All you’ll need is a … Continued

The Basics // How to Massage Kale

In our new column, The Basics, we’re bringing you our easy tips and tricks to help you navigate your anti-inflammatory pantry, fridge, and freezer and make your life more delicious. What IS a massaged kale salad anyway? Massaging kale is just an easy way of making the leafy greens tender by massaging olive oil and … Continued

The Best Non-Toxic Exfoliants

WHAT WE’RE LOVING THIS MONTH Let’s talk about exfoliating for a minute, shall we? Like many of you, I’m all about minimal products in my bathroom. I can easily turn into a product junkie but then I don’t end up using half of the products and they end up expiring. So, I’m doing something a … Continued

Living the Method™ // 3 Steps to Gut Health

Our column, Living The Method™, addresses components of Amie’s Method associated with the physical layer of healing the body. The physical layers of healing include anti-inflammatory food, movement, epigenetics, and detoxification. The Method™ is a formula inspired by Amie’s personal health journey from the past 12 years of healing a myriad of chronic illnesses to address healing on … Continued

Easy Roasted Red Pepper Pasta

This roasted red pepper sauce is so easy to make and is absolutely gorgeous on top of gluten-free pasta (we used chickpea pasta here for a boost of protein). This recipe is a fun twist on classic pasta sauce that the whole family will love all year round (and it only takes 15 minutes to … Continued

Easy Asparagus Avocado Soup

This creamy asparagus avocado soup is a veggie lover’s dream. It’s so simple and surprisingly flavorful and filling using only a handful of anti-inflammatory ingredients like all of our recipes. Let us show you how to make this easy soup recipe for dinner tonight.   WHY WE LOVE IT We recently started adding ripe avocado … Continued

Elevate Your Plate // The Best Foods For Hormone Balancing

We’re all about elevating our plate by packing nutrients + vitamins + minerals into every meal, especially when it comes to our hormones, ladies. I’ve been dealing with hormonal imbalances for over 12 years and it has taken me that long to be able to feel like a normal human again. What many people don’t … Continued

Unraveling // Defining Trauma & How Trauma Impacts Your Health

This year our team is making big shifts to step more into our purpose to give you the tools and the power to help you dive deeper into healing yourself and feeling your best. Our new column, Unraveling, focuses on a new topic each month that we believe is important to address when you’re trying … Continued

Pickled Red Onions

These pickled red onions are so easy to make (only five ingredients!) and will jazz up any dish as a flavorful topping from tacos to salads. They are sweet and sour and beautifully pink so they’re sure to brighten up any dish. WHY WE LOVE THEM There’s something about pickled onions that makes us smile. … Continued