Why do I cook?

And how do I live if I can’t eat 99% of the foods that everyone else is eating?

I cook to live.

Simple as that.

Here is my story.

I hope you enjoy it.

You’ll see how I live, how I create my gluten-free recipes and how I stay positive when it’s a cloudy day.

This is for all of you who suffer through similar health issues, food allergies, celiac disease, food intolerances and any other autoimmune diseases.

No matter how alone you feel…

You are not alone.

Remember that!


On Why We Cook, Amie Valpone: Cooking to Live from SkeeterNYC on Vimeo.

Do you suffer from food allergies or an autoimmune disease?

I’d love to hear from you and how you stay positive. Your comments will help others bring joy to their lives!

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  1. Great video. As someone with celiac, IBS, lactose intolerance and several life-threatening food allergies, it is encouraging to hear from another person with autoimmune disorders. I get tired of all the jokes, the ignorant denials (especially from doctors, whether my own internist or “celebrity MDs” like Dr. Drew Pinsky), the well-intentioned “eating disorder” diagnoses… Anyway, it would be very helpful if you could define your terms more precisely — I have found the slightest ambiguity only fuels the skepticism. When you say “food allergies” do you mean blood testable reactions or food intolerances? You say you “swell” up — does that mean bloating or hives? As awful as this sounds, maybe you could video yourself with a reaction (I wish now I had photos of myself weighing 76 lbs. after a gastro blockage, just to shock those “you are too skinny” pests) — because what you have always lived with seems normal, I didn’t recognize a lot of food reactions as symptoms until I went GF and I stopped, for example, looking pregnant…. In other words, any help you can give towards silencing the “food issues” deniers.

    1. Thank you Michelle, more information will be coming out about my gut healing on Monday. I’ve learned it’s a thing called Biofilm that causes my reactions. I swell up and had severe leaky gut which was causing all of my issue. Hope that helps; wishing you the best. Stay positive and remember, don’t listen to what others say negatively to you- you are in charge of your own body and you have to make sure you take the best care of it possible because those people teasing you aren’t going to ever ‘get’ it or understand.

  2. What an absolutely BEAUTIFUL video!!! I loved it! Thank you for sharing…you always provide extra inspiration just when I need it. As you know, I am on a similar diet…I just need to really figure out what veggies, basics, etc. bother me, because I have basically eaten the same exact things for two years, and I know I still don’t have it right. I just don’t make the time or take the energy sometimes to think outside of the box. I can’t thank you enough for lighting the way! You are simply THE BEST! Sending you tons of love and gratitude!!! XO!

  3. That video is just great. You’re so inspiring. Thanks for all your recipes. You make cooking for everyone so much easier. xo

  4. Dear Amie, I have auto-immune too and everything you can eat you can divide by three which leaves me with what I can eat. It just shows you how different we all are. Over and above food, I react to the environment, to chemicals and any poison around us. You can imagine me as a living sensor. I like looking at your blog and the energy you invest to make your food worth eating. You inspire me to make the effort to do better for myself and to come up with my own recipes for my own body and its problems. So in all, even if I cannot make your recipes, you inspire me to do better as well. Now I just need to find the energy. : ) Your video is great because most people don’t and cannot understand what our lives are like and what we have to give up in the process. We are not fussy eaters. Every day is about staying alive and not being sick.

  5. I love it!! You’re such a cutie. And you’re so strong and confident. Truly your story is inspiring and you’re doing such great things for not only yourself, but your clients and all of us who read your site. Keep up the amazing work my dear! And I really would love to meet you soon 🙂 xo!

  6. Wow Amie! You never seize to amaze be, but this video was just so inspiring to watch. Thank you for being a kick – butt food doctor and I wish you all the best on your journey!

  7. Hi Amy
    I loved, loved…loved your video, I too have all these foods I can’t have, and people ask me how I do it…..and you worded it perfectly…..I choose things I can have, and I’m so grateful for my life and the fact that I love ALL foods….I’m so glad to have come across this website and looking forward to new recipes…..thanks so much!!!
    Here’s to be healthy, the best feeling in the world!

  8. Amie, you are so amazing. Thank you for this very inspiring video. I already knew about lots of these issues, but you constantly inspire with what you do and how much joy you get out of it. We all need to take a lesson in that kind of acceptance, creativity and happiness! Love it. xo