Do you take probiotics?


I’ve been taking probiotics every day the past few years and I’ve noticed a huge difference in how they make me feel.

Three years ago I heard about Dr. Ohhira’s Probiotics from my integrative medical doctors and other nutritionists – surprisingly they all recommended Dr. Ohhira’s brand to me…so I started taking them and haven’t turned back since. It’s been over three years and I can’t go a day without them. So when my clients and readers ask me what probiotics I like…I always respond with these fabulous ‘good bacteria’  probiotics that have helped me tremendously.

Why do I love them?

O let me count the ways.

First of all – these probiotics are cultured vs. freeze-dried probiotics you’d see sitting on the shelf at your local store. These babies contain all 12 strands of probiotics who are all eating organic and living together so they ‘play nice’ in your intestines. I take one in the morning and one at night on an empty stomach, at least 2-3 hours after meals.

So, what is a probiotic anyway and why do we need them?


Probiotics are also known as ‘friendly flora’ or good bacteria and are a crucial part of our immune systems. Their job is to keep bad bacteria and yeast (Candida) from growing in our intestinal tracts.

Ideally, we should have 100 trillion of these good bacteria lining our intestines but if you’ve ever taken antibiotics or other drugs- you probably have far less than this. Why is that? Well, it’s something I just learned the last few years since I was on a ton of antibiotics when I was younger. Antibiotics aren’t able to distinguish between good and bad bacteria in our bodies so they kill off infections (bacteria) in our tissues and blood- but they also kill off the good bacteria in our digestive tract. And if we don’t replace that good bacteria by eating high-quality foods that provide probiotics and prebiotics (fibrous food for the good bacteria so that they can grow and multiply) you’ll end up like ME with a huge bacterial imbalance in your intestines called Dysbiosis. Dysbiosis is an overgrowth of bad bacteria and yeast in your ‘gut’ and leads to weight gain, sugar cravings and bloating. Our typical American diets are filled with sugar, processed foods and toxic additives – all of which contribute to this imbalance in our bodies. For more information on Dysbiosis, check out my Dysbiosis Program.

To maintain a high level of probiotics in our intestines, I eat clean (nothing processed) and include 100% organic healthy fats, lean proteins, veggies and whole grains!

My doctors recommended I take these probiotics with digestive enzymes before I eat anything. I use Digest Gold and take 2 capsules before meals and snacks to help my food get digested and so that large molecules of food don’t end up in my gut- leading to Leaky Gut.


I love the Dr. Ohhira’s Probiotics because Dr. Ohhira himself developed this revolutionary probiotic (a supplement containing live beneficial organisms) with a powerful bacterial strain proven to destroy pathogens in our guts. One of the difficulties in developing foods and supplements (such as yogurt) that contain live bacteria is that the bacteria may no longer be alive by the time you use the product due to improper packaging, exposing the bacteria to high heat during processing or extended storage time without properly nourishing the bacteria. To ensure the potency of their bacteria, Dr. Ohhira developed a protective shell that keeps bacteria alive and free from harmful pathogens. After just a few weeks on these probiotics, I felt amazing and so do my clients. We never get colds and our immune systems are at their prime, thanks to these tiny probiotics. These probiotics are so good that I put both of my parents on them – they’re in their 60’s but very healthy and I want to make sure their immune systems are strong and ready to fight any pathogens that they may come in contact with through their food, environment, etc. I have them taking two of these probiotics a day, just like me.

You can get more information on how to live with ‘gut’ health on my Healthy Living Resources Pages: Candida, Leaky Gut, Supplements, IBS and more on my Getting Started page!


I also take Dr. Ohhira’s Professional Formula. This product is the same as the Original it is just fermented two additional years and is stronger. Dr. Ohhira recommends this for those of you who may be dealing with a specific health condition like IBS.  It helps with my IGA Deficiency and keeps me from getting stomach infections and colds every year. I took this formula for my C-Diff Colitis two years ago and I’ve started taking it again for a bacteria infection I had in my small intestine.

Overwhelmed? Don’t be. You’re probably wondering what you can start to do today for healthy ‘gut’ flora, right?

Easy, peasy folks!

  • Stock your pantry and fridge with healthier options. Toss sugars and use stevia, throw away white rice and enjoy brown rice or quinoa and taper off from processed flour products. Most important, add lots of fresh, organic fruits and vegetables every day.
  • Stick with organic everything! The more organic you eat, the better you’ll feel because you won’t be filling your belly with pesticides, chemicals, antibiotics and other hormones found in everything from yogurts to vegetables.
  • Eat a healthy breakfast filled with protein, healthy fats and fiber!
  • Replace processed foods with higher-quality whole foods. Swap margarine with Barlean’s Coconut Oil and toss canola and vegetable oils. Avoid hydrogenated oils, which are trans fats and are lurking in many of your foods under ‘other’ names on your ingredient lists!
  • Reduce stress and find time to relax and step away from your computer screen to unwind. If I can do it in NYC- you can surely do it, too!
  • Remove alcohol from your lifestyle.
  • Drink filtered water with organic lemons and cucumbers with a dash of aloe vera juice.
  • Avoid processed soy such as soy milk, edamame, most tofu and other soy products found in a box!
  • Decide which foods you consume the most and prioritize. For instance, start eating organic as much as possible by starting with the foods you and your family eat most often.
  • Add in prebiotic foods. Prebiotics help to nourish the good gut bacteria(probiotics) and help support digestive function. I take 1 Tbsp. apple cider vinegar every morning and night.
  • Ask your doctor about taking probiotics. I take the Dr. Ohirra’s brand twice a day and I’ve seen great results from them.

It is essential to work with a nutritionist and an Integrative M.D. because I am sharing general information about probiotics based on my results from using them.  This information is not intended to be medical advice. This content is only for informational purposes. Please consult your Integrative M.D. before starting any new supplements or probiotics.


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  1. Hi Amie, I enjoyed reading your website. I was surprised you are taking VSL#3. Perhaps you did not notice on the ingredients which I found difficult to find. On the the sachet or small package containing the powder, two of the ingredients were Maltose which is a sugar that can be harmful to diabetics. The other ingredient is called Natural Flavorings which is a hidden name for MSG. You can Google both these ingredients and you can find that they are not very healthy. I was very surprised about this since my Holistic doctor gave me some as a sample and told me these were the best you can buy. I guess it’s pretty difficult to read all the ingredients. I never used to until recently.Please do think I’m criticizing you. Perhaps you just were not aware.Therbiotic Complete really looks great, thanks for the suggestion Sincerely, Janet.

    1. Yes, I stopped using VSL#3 last year but I used it forever when I had c-diff colitis and it helped me tremendously. I never heard about the MSG in here though. Thanks so much Janet!

  2. Hi Amie –

    I’m really interested in this probiotic. I checked it out online, and it looks like they use fermented soy. I try to avoid soy due to previous thyroid issues. What are your thoughts on this ingredient being included? Thanks!

  3. Would the Garden of Life probiotic be a good one? What recommendations would you have from getting a probiotic at a health food store such as Fruitful Yield?

  4. Hi Amie. I am in dire health situation (hormones out of whack, anxiety , stress, constipation extreme, binge eating at night, fatigue and no energy , brain fog, aches and pains…yet Underweight).. I TRULY think I need to “clean” out the junk in my body (constipation + binging + no exercise= full of craps/waste/toxins) and I hear colonics are GREAT but I don’t think I can afford…do you think its possible WITHOUT colonics? ? I am STRONGLY considering a 2-day juice cleanse (would be only about 1100 – 1300 cals per day…and I guess juice is “just sugar” ..and I am underweight and low in sodium) yet I can’t help but feel a 2-day juice cleanse might help??? YOur thoughts? Seriuosly just for your thoughts (not professional advice) but thoughts on the matter.
    Can you provide FREE sample meal plans that could help anyone in such a situation (example meal plans for starting from point A in health to get to point Z? Samples would be SO helpful and maybe in the fall I can get a consultation with you, but would love to see samples, info first..okay Let me know.


    1. Thanks Dee; sorry to hear about your situation. I hope you start to feel better; I am happy to see you as a client. I wouldn’t recommend a juice cleanse as I would try to see an integrative MD as I have all the information on my page in my resources section. Hopefully that will help you! I’m more than happy to give you a meal plan as a client. Feel free to email me and we can discuss further.
      Thank you; have a great night!

  5. Great post! For probiotics I make and drink water kefir. Will be looking into the ones you suggested, as well. 🙂

  6. Hi Amie, how long have you been taking these? You said for a few years but haven’t you had recent issues with regards to swelling etc (hence the FODMAPs diet?). Second, do they ship overseas?

    1. I have been taking them for over 2 years and have no swelling etc. since I started them. Plus these are the first probiotics that actually helped me and made me feel better. Yes, they ship anywhere! xox

  7. Amie – one thing I learned when I was researching probiotics is that they should be kept in the refrigerator to maintain their potency. Since learning that, I stopped purchasing mine from the drug store, and started buying them at Whole Foods, where they’re always refrigerated.

  8. Hi Amie,
    I am so thankful to have found your website as I have spent the last 1 1/2 years trying to figure out the cause of my digestive issues and the doctors keep telling me they can’t find anything. So do you take two different products? One 2-3 hours before a meal and the Digest Gold just before eating?

    1. Thanks Sheri; so great to hear from you and happy to help! I take the Digest Gold (it’s enzymes to help you digest your food) before each meal. I take one of these. Then, I take the Dr. Ohhara’s Probiotic in the morning and evening on an empty stomach.
      Hope that helps!

  9. I have to say that for me the jury is still out on probiotics. I’ve taken them in the past but can’t honestly say I’ve seen any difference.

    1. Thanks Steven; so nice to hear from you. Before I started this brand of probiotics – none of the others worked for me until I started using these probiotics! Believe me, I was desperate until I found a probiotic that actually worked for me. Good luck; hope this information helps!

  10. I wonder if this adds benefits to frequent UTI’s. I live with trace amounts that do not require antibiotics however the pain can be overwhelming. Any thoughts.

    1. Dianne,
      Great to hear from you! Yes, two of my clients actually use these probiotics for that exact reason. They’ve seen great results since taking them. Hope that helps; I love them and they’ve helped me TREMENDOUSLY! Have a great day!