Want more gluten-free goodness from me?

I thought so.


By now I’m sure you all realize that I post new recipes every Monday and a few other random Friday posts with a few of my favorite Currently Coveting monthly finds from around the world!


But if your inbox is lonely or if you just wanna see more of what I’m doing and never miss out on a new update, you can follow along with me @AmieValpone in these social media spots, too…I’m constantly sharing articles, information, new tips and giveaways on these channels.  I share daily live images from NYC and new foods, products and places to visit when I travel across the country for speaking events and cooking classes!


My favorite part is sharing behind the scenes pictures and tips for recipes I’m creating…and I’d love for you all to see them, too since they aren’t on this blog!

So what are you waiting for?


Head on over to these channels and follow me for some more gluten-free goodness.

green juice

The best part?

You can interact with me at any time- right at that instant- and I’ll get back to you asap right from the heart of NYC.

Have a great (sunny) weekend!


gluten free pizza

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Hope to see you all on these other fun outlets very soon!

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  1. When will your “FREE Gluten-Free Meal Plan” be ready? I’m very excited to see what this is.

    And thank you for constantly providing great information, recipes, and awesome giveaways.

      1. Hi Amie!
        Once we have “liked” the Healthy Apple page on facebook, how do we download the meal plan? It says “check back soon”.

    1. Thanks Elizabeth; that recipe will be up this Fall. It’s Vegan Gumbo and it’s all organic! I used the new Simply Organic Seafood Spices- they are amazing!!

  2. Love all your pictures and behind the scenes stuff 🙂 Allows me to live out my city dream through you! Not to mention all the awesome recipes you give us!

  3. I love all your photos and updates! I am just starting the learning curve of a gluten-free lifestyle. After talking with my doctor it seems gluten is what is causing my health issues. So I have been doing a lot of reading and trying new things out and thanks to you I have learned so much! Thank you! Follow on twitter & Instagram as @luv_mydachshund

  4. Love your site! I have a daughter who is Gluten sensitive … Hope this is where you post a comment for the giveaway!!! Awesome information you share!!!

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