I want to:

Practice Yoga.

Heal my Gut.

Visit more Farmer’s Markets.

Eat more Fennel.

Savor new flavors and tastes.

Soak up the sunshine.

Read fun summer chick-flick books.  (Currently reading Emily Giffin’s new book).

Juice more.

Study Eastern Medicine.

Explore healing the body without medicine.

Listen more.

Dance like no one is watching to upbeat, fun ‘feel-good’ music.

Stop and smell the salty beach air on the weekends.

Stop and smell the fresh grass n’ flowers in Central Park.

Appreciate life.  After all I’ve been through the past few months, I’m thanking God I am alive and healing my gut and body from parasites, pathogens, bacteria overgrowth, dysbiosis, heavy metal poisoning, leaky gut, mercury toxicity… the list goes on and on forever….

Count down the days until my little sis comes back to the states.

Enjoy the warm weather with my family and friends because life is too short not too.

Learn how to bake these.  And these. And these as well. Lots of baking.

Take more advantage of Central Park in the early morning hours just as the sun rises.

Buy a few peonies each week to keep my spirits up, my smile wide and my inspiration flowing.

What are you planning on doing this summer?

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  1. what a great list! will have to think on mine and report back … after soaking up some sun to cure the grumps, so I’m sure sun is near the top of my list!

    1. Thank you, Bethany. So great to hear from you! I hope you are having a fabulous summer and I hope to see you soon. xoox

  2. I only dream of doing those things :(..but alas such is life no?

    Thanks for the info – that’s what I looked for – but the only thing I seen like it was something called “Anise”…?

    Is Fennel good for your gut? I’ve had it in tea before but that it did some funny things! Sometimes I wonders if those herbal teas can affect you…dry mouth, thirst, feelings of fullness…ugh I give up!

    1. Yes, fennel is soothing to my stomach. You should try it if you’d like…I think you’ll like the flavor…it’s delish. Enjoy!

  3. Oh I love all of those.

    This summer…I want, yes – want – because I’m not sure if my terrible mind can allow me to do it…but, I want to:

    Not worry.

    Not feel rushed.

    Not be dictated by money and having to do something. Earn something. Be something.

    Quit my job (NOT going to happen – bills – blah).

    Travel. Travel. Travel…in my dreams.

    (P.S I looked for fennel but didn’t find it at store – I mistaken it for Endive)?

    1. I hope you do all of these things and have a great summer. Fennel is not the same as endive. Fennel has a big bulb as in my picture with ‘celery’ like sprouts coming out of it. You can try a specialty market or ask your food store manager. Hope this helps! Have a great day.