Could I live here, please?

Or here.

And have this fancy food served every day.

I wish.


Let’s talk about some amazing kitchens that I saw a few weeks ago in LA.

Then let’s talk about the food.

O the food.

Thermador invited myself and a group of bloggers n’ interior designers to tour their new flagship showroom in Orange County, California and cook up a storm with their amazing appliances.

Well, amazing is kinda an understatement.

I pretty much had a field day.


I seriously could live here.

And cook.




(That’s the bread pudding I made with their fancy new oven).

So yummmmO.

Perfect for entertaining, huh? That center island is bigger than my apartment.

And there was more wine than a liquor store. But it just looked so darn pretty!

Here I am (on the right) with my new buddy, Stacey from LA- we made a macadamia bread budding that was ‘ta die for delish.

Then, we took in some views of Orange County…


And a pretty view from my hotel room.

Yeah palm trees.

Thank you, Thermador for a fabulous trip and an amazing experience cookin’ with you and your appliances!

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    1. Thanks Betsy; it was so much fun playing with the beautiful appliances; I’m planning my dream kitchen too! Hehe. xo

  1. Amie~ Your trip looks amazing and you are absolutely adorable with your bread pudding! So glad you posted so many pictures of the kitchens. Really inspiring and I will plan to model my sometime-in-the-future-dream-home after them 🙂

  2. You are gorgeous! My dream kitchen. Do you mind if I ask how you pay for all these amazing trips you take? (if too nosy – tell me to buzz off!). Just curious if it’s part of your wonderful job or not!

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