O hey July. It’s good to see you.

Lots of sunshine, lots of long walks at night, lots of warm days and lots of smiles. To me, that’s summer. Add in a little bit of sweating and sunburn and you’ve got it all.

Click the image above for my July playlist and get ready to EXPRESS YOURSELF. Blare these songs when you’re driving to the beach this weekend or when you’re on a road trip.

Enjoy (and don’t forget to have FUN)!


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  1. I have been on the detox for two weeks now. My cravings have been satisfied by fruits and nuts until last night. While watching a movie, I binged on popcorn. This morning I feel sluggish and congested.
    Thank you for the plan. I plan on getting back in line today.

  2. Great website! My wife and I are totally into clean eating, fitness, mental wellness and essential oil as natural solutions for real health issues. Would love to share with you about essential oil’s and how they could help support your overall well-being and all of the people that follow you.