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Who would have thought many years ago that most of the health issues we experience today start in our gut. We’ve been hearing a lot lately about the microbiome and it’s an incredible bacterial ecosystem in your gut that makes up the majority of your immune system. Your body contains 10x more bacterial cells than human cells, which is wild! Therefore, instead of thinking of yourself as a bunch of cells, you’re really a bunch of bacteria, which is what houses the immune system.

These trillions of microbes and their colonies are what are responsible for how you feel, think and look. What we’ve learned recently through extensive research is that our microbiome regulates every system of our bodies, therefore we’ve gotta do our best to keep our microbiome healthy and happy, so that we- in turn can be healthy and happy, too!

You’ve heard me talk about SIBO (Small intestine bacterial overgrowth), Candida and Leaky Gut as well as many other gut health issues that begin in your gut. When your microbiome is damaged or weekended from bad bacteria, parasites, pathogens, yeast, antibiotics, processed food, stress, not enough sleep, etc. you’ll start to experience GI (gastrointestinal) symptoms and poor microbiome health. If you are experiencing GI symptoms, check out my Heal Your Gut Solution Program.

Doctors and researchers are still in the process of doing more extensive research on our microbiome, however, what we do know is that an unhealthy microbiome can cause many health problems, which I’m going to outline a few below. I’ve learned this from the extensive Integrative MD’s I’ve been working with throughout the last few years and I find this topic fascinating.

1. Weak Immune System.

Your immune system is all you’ve got to keep your bod pod in tip top shape. Without a strong immune system, you’ll find yourself getting frequent colds, not recovering from issues as quickly and not feeling yourself. An overgrowth of bad bacteria like SIBO, yeasts, Candida or parasites in your gut microbiome can severely tax your immune system leading to poor health.

2. Autoimmune Diseases.

80% of our immune system is located in our gut, therefore if your gut is damaged, you’re very likely to have a major health issue that started in your gut which is why it’s so important to kill off the parasites, pathogens, Candida, yeast and heal Leaky Gut and SIBO before your immune system is taken over by these bad guys! Autoimmune disease starts from these issues and we’ve seen a huge increase in autoimmunity in the last few years from all the toxins in our food, water, environment and the stress we encounter each day. Read my Autoimmune Disease Pages for more information.

3. Type II Diabetes.

Many doctors have found that a damaged microbiome leads to Type II Diabetes.

4. Skin Issues.

If you are suffering from acne, eczema or any other skin condition- it’s coming from your gut! Might be hard to understand but if you heal your gut, you’ll see your skin clear up without needing any toxic topical treatments from dermatologists.

5. Weight Gain.

Weight gain has a huge correlation to your gut microbiome. Obesity and weight gain as well as people who cannot loose weight despite trying everything, are huge factors for people with an unhealthy microbiome.

6. Mental Health Issues.

Your 2nd brain is located in your gut, because that’s your largest source of serotonin production! When your gut microbiome is overrun with yeast, bad bacteria, fungus or parasites, you can be sure you’ll see a mental health correlation.

7. Acid Reflux.

When your gut microbiome is dysfunctional, you’ll experience acid reflux, GERD and any other acid related conditions that are related to SIBO and other bad bacteria overgrowth in your gut. Read my Acid Reflux Page for more information.

8. IBS (Irritable Bowel Syndrome). Also known as: Constipation and/or Diarrhea.

People who have IBS or experience constipation and/or diarrhea have a terribly bad imbalance of bad bacteria in their gut that’s taken over their good, friendly bacteria. Read my IBS Page for more information.

9. Asthma.

I’ve recently learned that Dysbiosis, an imbalance of good and bad bacteria in your gut, can cause asthma. Read my Dysbiosis Page and Dysbiosis Program, and for more information and check out my Asthma Program for more detailed information.

It is essential to work with a nutritionist and an Integrative M.D. because I am sharing general information that is not intended to be medical advice. This information is only given for informational purposes.

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