The Conversation: Private Membership

Coming Soon!

This membership will allow you to connect on one LIVE video call with Amie once a month as a group where you’ll also be connecting with like-minded people who are interested in their own self-healing journey. This membership will also allow you to interact with other members throughout the month in between the group calls.

Please note, the content and questions shared within this membership focus only on the emotional and energetic layers of The Valpone Method™ and do not address the physical layer. If you are looking for physical layer support for any of your physical health issues, that support group is built into and included in the physical layer program.

This membership focused on the next two layers beyond the physical layer where we dive into the subconscious mind, releasing limiting beliefs, nervous system regulation, unraveling our true identity and essence, rewiring the brain from our past emotionally painful experiences (aka trauma), feeling safe in our body, trusting ourselves, learning how to get familiar with our own creative energy and receiving energy to manifest our future, understanding energy in terms of energy work and quantum physics as our internal reality matches our external reality and how this pertains to your overall physical, emotional and energetic health and wellbeing plus more.

As we start to shed the heavy layers of who we no longer are, we flow into who we are meant to be and this community will allow you to form bonds with each other to realize you’re not alone on the self-healing and creation journey. We’re all here for each other and if I can heal myself by myself living in the busiest city in the world for 12 wildly long and painful years, so can you. I hope you’ll join us for this membership because I would love to see your face on our calls and connect with you.

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