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This article was sponsored by Maty’s Healthy Products. All opinions are my own.

Acid reflux. It’s super common during the holidays with all the rich foods we eat that our bodies aren’t used to digesting. I’m sure many of you have experienced acid reflux or heartburn at some point in your life. I sure have. When I was on steroids for colitis, I recall having awful reflux symptoms. Thank goodness those days are over for me. At the time, all I knew was to go to a Western medicine MD and take a drug. Now, you couldn’t pay me to do that. I’m all about natural cures and using healing ingredients to treat the root cause of any symptoms.

What kind of healing ingredients? Honey, apple cider vinegar, ginger, cloves, sea salt and turmeric; when combined in an amazing all-natural product, which I’m so excited to talk to you about, these ingredients have the power to tame your flame and get you back to feeling like yourself again.


Acid reflux is one of those things that many of my clients (and many family member’s of mine) have had. They survived on chewing on Tums for short-term relief years until I learned more about acid reflux and how much of a problem these over the counter acid-blockers were! Those OTC (over the counter) pretty purple pills that are prescribed to treat heartburn are the third most prescribed medications in the country – they’re acid blockers and sadly they do not address the root of the problem. If you have acid reflux, the question to ask yourself is “WHY do I have this?” It’s about looking at your lifestyle, what you eat and how you live your life so you can ask yourself, “What is the root cause and how to do I repair this root cause instead of putting a Band-Aid or purple pill on top of it?”

This, folks, is what we’re going to chat about today.

Maty's All-Natural

Healing Acid Reflux Naturally

I recently had the opportunity to connect with the founder of Maty’s Healthy Products, Carolyn Harrington, an energy healer and intuitive, and a mom on a mission to help others heal naturally, with a very inspiring story. Her company is still a family-owned company today, which I always love to hear because you know they truly care about the quality of their products and stand behind them. Carolyn talked to me about the topic of acid reflux and we were both on the same wavelength in terms of treating acid reflux naturally by avoiding acid blocking drugs (I’ll tell you why below). It was amazing to connect with another intelligent woman who is also passionate about teaching people about how to get to the root cause of symptoms so I had her send me her acid reflux soother to try out. Made with whole food ingredients, Maty’s all natural Acid Indigestion Relief is a product that I love recommending to my family and clients because I can trust the ingredients inside (wait until you see how clean and pure the ingredients are). Carolyn created the first nationally distributed non-medicinal and effective heartburn treatment that actually increases stomach acid vs. decreasing, using the power of natural ingredients including ginger, turmeric, cloves and apple cider vinegar.

Tame the Flame

Acid blocking drugs, like the purple pills I mentioned above, block acid that can cause acid reflux and heartburn, however, what the pharmaceutical advertisements do not tell you is that our body NEEDS stomach acid to be healthy. We all need acid in our stomach to digest food, keep bacteria from growing in our small intestine, activate our digestive enzymes and help us absorb vital nutrients in our food such as B12, magnesium and calcium. What happens when acid blockers are taken is that you don’t properly digest your food, leaving large pieces of food in your gut to ferment as well as causing nutrient deficiencies because you’re not absorbing these foods. What else do these drugs cause? Well, everything from bloating to gas to diarrhea to bacteria overgrowth to more uncomfortable symptoms and IBS and more (check out this article from CNN for more info on the newest study linking PPI’s a.k.a. protein pump inhibitors- to stroke). Acid indigestion is often an issue of not enough stomach acid (which is how Maty’s All-Natural product helps).

So, if taking these drugs doesn’t work (and actually does us more harm than good), what are we supposed to do?

We need to get to the root cause with healing and nutrient-dense foods, switch up our lifestyle, relax our nervous system, and reach for a product that has healing ingredients in it to sooth your gut and tame the fire inside of you.

Maty’s has no harmful side effects and to my surprise, is has fast, drug-free relief. I know the majority of people aren’t fond of homeopathic or natural products (trust me, it took me years to try alternative medicine after I hit rock bottom from pharmaceutical drugs that were making me worse) however when you find a clean and trustworthy product that can enhance your body’s natural healing power and works with your body- not against your body, you will begin to realize that life isn’t about getting rid of unwanted symptoms for short-term relief, it’s about figuring out what’s triggering those symptoms and healing your body so the issue doesn’t get worse and lead to more serious health issues.

Maty's All-Natural

Reasons You May Suffer from Acid Reflux

  • The foods you eat (see below for a list).
  • Unhealthy bacteria in our gut or yeast overgrowth. This was a huge issue for me. I was on a ton of antibiotics as a child. Every time I was sick, my parents gave me an antibiotic and I continued to do so until my early 20’s when I woke up and realized how much these drugs were contributing to my bloated belly and stomach issues. If you eat a high sugar diet or a lot of processed, packaged foods or you’ve been taking hormones (ex: I took progesterone cream for years that hiked up the yeast in my body and put me into a fight/flight mode)- these non-beneficial bacteria could be lurking around your gut, where they ferment and cause reflux.
  • Smoking. We all know smoking is the cause of so many health issues but it’s also a main cause of reflux.
  • Stress. We all have nerves in our belly so when we are nervous, we often feel butterflies or nausea, right? Well when we eat and have those stressful feelings, our food doesn’t digest fully and it causes our food to go back up instead of going into our stomach. When we eat, our bodies are supposed to be in the rest/relaxation mode, which is controlled by our Parasympathetic Nervous System and belly breathing, however when we are stressed out, we end up putting ourselves into the fight/flight mode, which is controlled by our Sympathetic Nervous System where we breathe from our chest. What’s this got to do with digestion? Well, when our body is in a stressful fight/flight mode, it’s not focused on digestion- instead our body is focused on getting out of danger so the blood rushes to our hands/feet and away from our stomach and reproductive organs leaving us in a stressful state without the proper equipment to digest our food, control our hormones and more.
  • Eating food before bed.
  • Eating too much food when you are already full, which causes food to come up your esophagus.
  • Being overweight, which can push your stomach upwards and cause reflux.

Food Triggers That Can Cause Reflux

  • Spicy foods
  • Citrus
  • Fried food
  • Alcohol
  • Tomatoes
  • Processed, packaged foods

Maty's All-Natural

Above is a picture of the ingredients here for you so you can see how clean Maty’s Acid Indigestion Relief is (see below). I was honestly blown away! It’s so pure and it’s also alcohol-free, gluten-free, wheat-free, and dairy-free.

So, before you reach for that bottle of Tums or any other acid blocker this holiday season, remember that they’re doing more harm than good. It’s time to switch up the way you treat the acid in your gut and start to soothe it instead of remove it all. We need acid to be healthy and this Maty’s product is just the thing to get you on the path to a healthier digestive track without the reflux and heartburn. You can find Maty’s All Natural Acid Indigestion Relief at your nearest Target or Rite Aid.

Maty's All-Natural

This post was sponsored by Maty’s Healthy Products. All opinions are my own based on my personal use with Maty’s natural products. These statements have not been evaluated by the Food & Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.

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  1. Is this safe to take when pregnant? And does it contain probiotics or should those be taken in addition?

    1. Hi Ada! You should work with your doctor before starting any protocol while pregnant. These are not probiotics so you would need to take those separately. xx

  2. Hi I just a message to you. The problem is I live in Canada and have no way of getting to the states.
    Do you ship to Canada? I hope I have reflux since 1995. Took ppt. Then I hear that they can ruin your kidneys. I am taking some natural products, but always looking for something that will work better. I also have a hiatus hernia with it and as well cancer.
    Hope to hear back from you

  3. Thanks for the heads up on the Maty’s, I have been on the PPI’s for a very long time. I am eager to try this. Thanks so much for sharing this information!

  4. i just recently discovered. Maty’s
    my stomach was. hurting so bad
    acid reflux cramps and bloated
    i didnt want to take any more antacids
    i went to target and thank God i found this
    marvelos bottle i took while at the store
    and by i got home i eas feeling relief
    thank yu so much,
    only one question. do i take before meals
    any liquids i should stay
    away milk juice etc

    1. Thanks Elana! Great to hear from you. You can take the Maty’s Acid Indigestion Relief before, during, or after meals. A lot people have told Maty’s that they take it before meals as a preventative measure. There’s no liquid that you have to stay away from. Since it’s made with all whole-food ingredients, it can be taken with any food or drink! Enjoy. xx

  5. Thank you!!! I am so excited! I’ve been arguing with my docs about my IBS and acid reflux because they won’t tell me why I have these problems. I am going to try this ASAP. I’m currently on a PPI and want to get off of it. Thanks again!