We all do it.

But how are you breathing?

the august playlist

Are you breathing from your chest and in a constant state of go-go-go?

Or are you breathing from your belly in a state of flow and relaxing where you can trust your life is working out exactly how it’s supposed to be?

I lived 20-something years in the latter state of go-go-go breathing from my chest. It wasn’t until my late 20’s that I learned how to slow down and breathe the right way and trust life.

And that’s exactly what this playlist is going to help you do.

Get cozy.

Lay in your bed.

Lay in the grass.

Soak it up.

Feel it.

Put your hand on your belly and slowly teach your brain how to allow your belly to do the breathing for you instead of your chest.

I assure you, when you’re in this parasympathetic nervous system state (rest/relaxation) vs. the sympathetic state of (fight/flight), you will see a profound shift in your life, your health and your mindset.

I’m living proof.


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