Below are a few testimonials from people just like you who have taken themselves through The Valpone Method™ programs and shared their experiences with our team. Words cannot describe how much joy this feedback brings to me because so many of you are taking your power back and healing yourselves. 


Words can’t describe what The Complete Health Program did for my life. I am a completely new woman who has been transformed from the inside out. My bloodwork has normalized, my anxiety has gone from off the charts to barely there, my cravings are nowhere in sight and I actually want to get out of bed in the morning. My husband is thrilled and as you can imagine, I am too. Thank you, Amie, for putting all of this information together for us. –Jessica, NYC


I’ve been shut down and unwell for so many years and I have tried EVERYTHING and when I came across your program (I bought The Complete Health Program and also the Pleasure + Self-Expression program), I knew in my heart that I had to do both of them. Here I am three months later and I have never felt better in my life. You introduced me to the testing I needed to get, which none of my past doctors even knew about and you have given me the tools I needed that aren’t taught in medical school. I am forever grateful because I feel like I am actually getting my life back and starting to LIVE and include pleasure into my life. I needed this. Thank you, thank you. –Meghan, California


Amie, I had to send you a note to tell you I started The Physical Detox + Anti-Inflammatory Cooking Program a few weeks ago and I am amazed at all the information you have inside. WOW! I have been working on my health for 15 years and I have never seen this much quality information in any book, program, course or retreat. I am signing up for your next retreat so that I can meet you in person to hug you because I feel so empowered and alive to be my best self and to keep feeling good. I feel incredible on this anti-inflammatory meal plan and the tips you’ve provided are nothing you can find in a medical textbook or a doctor’s office or a hospital- you can only find them from someone like you who is kind enough to share everything you have learned yourself and everything you’ve discovered from your hard work so that we, too, can heal ourselves and feel better once and for all. Bravo to you. Bravo! -Lauren, Texas


Hi Amie and team, I’m writing from Louisiana and I had to say thank you for this incredible program. I purchased Self-Compassion + Self-Acceptance and I absolutely loved it so much, I bought The Complete Health Program, as well. It’s one of a kind and I am learning so much that no one has ever taught me! I feel like everything I learned about ‘health’ was so backward and incorrect and it made me so ill and now I’m using your work to help me feel better and it’s working. Thank you for taking such great care of all of us by sharing this information. I was skeptical of buying an online program because you never know what you’re going to get these days but I cannot recommend this enough to all my friends all over the country. We are all doing it together and having huge breakthroughs, especially on the emotional and energetic layers. Talk about transformation, this is incredible and exactly what I needed. So, thank you. -Carolyn, Louisiana


Hi there, I’m a long-time fan of your work, I’ve been to two of your incredible retreats and I use the recipes in your cookbook weekly! Now, I’m writing to tell you I am making my way through your meal plan in the Hormone Balancing program and the info in the a la carte Emotional + Energetic program, and I feel better than I’ve ever felt after only two weeks of reading through all of this, starting the meal plan and understanding the deeper layers of health that no one in 40 years has ever introduced me to. You are a genius and this is by far the most incredible information I’ve ever come across. I made all my sisters buy it, as well because they have dealt with so much emotional pain and they are FINALLY seeing the connection between their physical symptoms and their emotional painful past that they’re holding onto. This has changed my life. Thank you, Amie!! –Julie, South Carolina


Hello team Amie, Your online program, The Complete Method, is so powerful. I did not expect to see all of this information. I am so impressed with all you have learned and all that you took the time to share with us because this is really unique heavy-duty information that is NOT easy to find and I commend you on discovering all of this and figuring it all out. This program is so powerful and I’m really enjoying it. It’s so easy to understand the formula for an anti-inflammatory meal, which has inspired me to get into my kitchen and not be intimidated. Thank you for making this all look and actually be so easy. I am doing it all myself and it’s wonderful and I feel great! The recipes in this meal plan are delicious and I am following everything from the detox to the emotional and energetic work and I have been noticing HUGE shifts in my body, my mood, the people around me and my entire life is opening up. Talk about a huge breakthrough and transformation at the age of 30 with all of this thanks to YOU! My husband and I hope to meet you someday in the future. Until then, thank you from Colorado Springs. –Caitlin, Colorado


I’m sending a quick note to tell you how incredible I feel as I’m going through The Complete Health Program and your Candida program. The meal plan is amazing. I just started it on Sunday and I’ve only been doing it for 5 days and I feel incredible. You make all of this so easy for me to understand and grasp. I feel so empowered for the first time in many years. –Terry, Maine


I have been meaning to write you a formal thank you to say how much this program (The Complete Health Program and the Hormone Balancing Program) have both changed my life. I have been in therapy for 13 years and have been seeing Western MD’s and I feel like I hit a plateau and everyone thinks I’m crazy and that it’s all in my head. I know you get this! I’ve gained insight into so much in the last three weeks of your program then I have in the last decade. This just goes to show that when you follow your heart, you’re guided to the right people who actually care and who actually want to help you. I cannot thank you enough for actually wanting to help me and everyone else who purchases this program. I am grateful beyond words and you are changing my life. I feel so empowered! Cheers. –Mary, Australia


Your new complete health program has turned me around from a recent mid-life crisis and has pulled me out of a really dark place where I felt I’d never get out of and I wanted to thank you. On top of that, I purchased your book last year when I was on a trip to the US and fell in love with your story and I’ve been following you ever since because you are genuine and I can relate to everything you share. I hope to meet you at one of your upcoming retreats. Come speak in Europe! -Karen, London


Amie, I started your Self-Worth + Identity online program last month and the results I’ve seen since then I can’t even put into words. I have learned more from you in this program than I have in the last 30 years from countless ‘experts’. You are the real deal. Keep shining. This work is one of a kind! –Rebecca, St. Louis


Hello Amie, I just finished your Complete Health online program and wanted to send you a message to say thank you. You’ve made me realize so much about myself that not even my therapist could uncover. I believe that for true healing to take place, you really have to learn from someone who’s been through similar situations and who is authentic and real…that person is you because you’ve taught me so much and I feel free for the first time in years- my husband and kids realized a huge shift in me and I have never felt more energized, more grounded, more empowered and more alive. I’ve lost weight, my inflammation markers on my bloodwork have all gone down and I have been excelling in my career just because of all you’ve taught me. IT REALLY IS ALL CONNECTED. Go YOU! –Mary Beth, Toronto


I purchased The Complete Health Program back in the winter and thought I’d try it for a few weeks and I couldn’t put it down. The videos are exceptional, the content is so new and cutting edge and your energy is contagious! Thank you for creating this program- I can tell this took a lot of time to assemble. It is the best money I’ve spent on myself in my adult life. I’m a new woman and my boyfriend told me he could see changes in my energy since the third day of this program. Very, very exciting. Thank you for this new approach to health. You’re brilliant. –Joyce, Tampa


Hello Amie, I am finishing The Complete Health Program this week and I don’t want it to end. I am in love with the way I feel, the way I look and the way I’ve shifted my perception of life and what’s happened in my past. I’ve read a lot of self-help and spiritual books in my lifetime but none of them taught me any of what you’ve shared. This is a whole other level above and beyond what I expected. I’m blown away by all of it and can’t wait to buy Level Two. –Denise, Portland