Lemon Detox Tea

You guys know I love tea. And I love lemon in tea, too. And since you’ve been with me throughout my detox period ridding the heavy metals from my body the last few years, I thought I’d share with you one of my favorite beverages that’s always refreshing and quite tasty.

Antioxidant Tea

(p.s. I’ve got lots of tea recipes in my NEW Cookbook Eating Clean: The 21-Day Plan to Detox, Fight Inflammation, and Reset Your Body). I’ve discovered the most incredible tea that has helped me tremendously with my health and the health of my clients. Its called Greek Mountain Tea. Its very rich in antioxidants and phyto-nutrients! … Continued

Return to Real Tea with Dilmah…

I am excited to introduce you to my favorite tea…actually it’s more like a re-introduction as you have met previously when I’ve blogged about my love for Dilmah Tea. Sri Lankan family tea company Dilmah, was established by Merrill J. Fernando to bring finest quality, Single Origin Ceylon Tea, garden fresh to tea drinkers around … Continued

The Secret Ingredient Cookbook

I was recently sent The Secret Ingredient Cookbook by Sally Bee to review.  I enjoyed Sally’s recipes, however, they were not gluten-free or dairy-free, therefore I made some tasty changes and made a spin-off of her famous recipes. Here are two delicious recipes that I thought you may enjoy. Although they are not gluten-free, I’ve … Continued

Dilmah Tea’s New Flavors

I am thrilled to announce the most amazing new exotic tea flavors by Dilmah tea’s, which the company sent me to sample.  A few months ago, I reviewed Dilmah Tea’s, which you can view here.  And, now I’m so excited to tell you about their new flavors! I’ve honestly been having a few cups of … Continued

Product Review: Dilmah Tea

Sri Lankan-based Dilmah Tea, the world’s only global single-origin tea brand and the number one tea in 10 countries, is bringing a healthier and higher-grade product to tea drinkers in America for the first time. Sold in over 90 countries, Dilmah Tea is recognized as the global authority on tea trends and gourmet tastes and … Continued

Iced Ginger n' Dandelion Root Tea

This tea is the perfect way to cool off on a hot summer day…Today is a hot one here in Manhattan.  This morning I made a pitcher of Iced Ginger n’ Dandelion Root Tea—such a refreshing way to start off a hot August morning! I also made a tasty tray of Iced Ginger n’ Dandelion … Continued

Coffee Alternatives

How do you jump-start your day?  The typical American wakes up with a large cup of joe…or two or three… Interesting enough, Americans drink 400 million cups of coffee each day, making the US the world’s largest coffee consumer. Now, we’ve all heard how coffee is supposed to enhance alertness, mental and physical performance and … Continued

Simply Satisfying Swaps

Here are a few tricks of the trade from my healthy kitchen to yours…read on for some great alternatives to your pantry staples.   Swap your traditional mayo for plain Greek yogurt.  My favorite brands are Chobiani, Fage and Siggi’s.  These yogurts are a perfect substitution to mix into your typical tuna salad or spread onto your sandwich.  Moreover, Greek yogurt is … Continued