5-Minute Arugula Pesto

This featured article is sponsored by our friends at Earthbound Farm. Their mission is to cultivate a healthier world through organic food and farming. I have had the absolute pleasure of visiting their organic farms in California twice and I can honestly say they are the real deal and have impeccable standards with every product … Continued

Creamy Asparagus Red Rice Pesto

Apparently creamy pesto is a ‘thing’ here in Manhattan.  Especially in the Spring when all the fresh green veggies start popping up.

Spinach Sunflower Seed Pesto

It’s unlike any other pesto. Because there aren’t any pine nuts. Instead I tossed in some sunflower seeds. A pinch of nutritional yeast. And sesame seeds. O the flavor. Just wait. I caught myself spooning it into my mouth to taste and got a bit carried away. Yes, it’s that good. Despite not feeling 100% … Continued

Almond Flour Pesto Fig Pancakes

Fig Pesto in a pancake? Yes. And to top it off, it’s not just any ol’ pesto. ..it’s a delicious combination of fig and Gorgonzola in a fabulous flavored pesto created by Pestos With Panache, which is an amazing brand of delicious pesto’s made with incredible ingredients such as dark chocolate, ancho chile, pumpkin, blueberry, … Continued

Vegan Falafel Balls with Kale Cashew Pesto

I recently had a yearning for some falafel after seeing them on the streets of Manhattan at every street fair imaginable… I thought I’d recipe test by creating a vegan falafel ball with a kale pesto dipping sauce.  I opted to add the Kale Cashew Pesto as a dipping sauce for an extra kick, you … Continued

Justin’s Nut Butter ‘Pesto’ Recipe Video

Don’t forget…tomorrow ends the voting for The Next Foodblog Star… If you think I have what it takes to be The Next Foodblog Star, please: VOTE FOR ME! As you all know, I love Justin’s Nut Butter. Not only is Justin an amazing guy, he’s created a vast array of yummy nut butters that I … Continued

Cilantro Pesto with Pine Nuts

Call me crazy but I decided to create a pesto using cilantro last night.  I  recently purchased a beautiful, fresh bushel of cilantro at the farmers market and I couldn’t stand to see it wilt away in my tiny fridge.  Cilantro is by far my favorite fresh herb (although there is a close tie with … Continued