Elevate Your Plate // The Best Foods for Liver Detox

In our new column, Elevate Your Plate, we’re bringing you Amie’s favorite ways to literally elevate-your-plate with anti-inflammatory foods + detoxifying ingredients for your liver so you can feel good about what you’re putting in your body. A few times a week I get asked the question, “Amie, what are the best foods for liver detox?” … Continued

The Best Liver Detox: Coffee Enemas

Before you dive into the below content, I’ve created a video for you about liver detox and how coffee enemas can help. Click the PLAY button below to get started.   Well, this certainly is not a post I ever thought I’d write. Ever. So, there’s a reason for today’s post. A few years ago … Continued

Lucious Leafy Greens

Many of my clients considered ‘leafy green veggies’ unappetizing before they came to me for counseling.  The first thing that came to their minds when I mentioned ‘leafy green veggies’ was “Well, I eat Iceberg Lettuce”! O boy, I thought…we’ve got some work to do and this is going to be fun.  This is what … Continued