Pea Time

My Gluten-Free Staple: The Many Ways with Peas Pea for 2 or 2 for Pea? Yes, I’m referring to Peas, those lil’ green guys, not Tea, silly… Here are a few new ways to play with your Peas… Pea Cilantro Pesto Green Peas, Lime Juice, Olive Oil, Fresh Cilantro, Cashews, Sea Salt, Freshly Ground White … Continued

Fiber: The Real Deal vs. The Imposters

While, browsing the isles of the food store recently, I’ve come across numerous products touting ‘Great Source of Fiber’, however, many food companies are attempting to fool consumers such as you and I about the fiber in their products. Start by taking a look at your favorite products, I’m sure you’ll be surprised to see … Continued