5 Ways to Improve Gut Health for Your Whole Family

This feature was sponsored by our friends at Align. All opinions are my own. I’ve been talking a lot about gut health throughout the last few months because along with the warm weather comes new foods (hello ice cream) that our bodies aren’t used to eating every day. Have no fear, I’ve got a few ways for … Continued

Get Those Kids Cookin’…

Ever wonder how to get your kids involved in the kitchen? Here are a few tips that I offer to my clients…whether you have young children, nieces, nephews, neighbors, family or friends…these tips are sure to get your little ones active and entertained in the kitchen. Cucumber Caterpillar: Slices of cucumber held together with natural … Continued

Product Review: Goji Gourmet

A big thank you to my friend, Allison over at Goji Gourmet for sending me a package of their tasty cookies.  I had the delightful opportunity to meet Allison last week to hear about her exciting new business and taste her deliciously-healthy cookies. Goji Gourmet offers a wonderful variety of cookies packed with superfoods and … Continued

Kid's are Not Eating Enough Fruits n' Veggies

With the amount of processed and packaged foods increasing everyday in our supermarkets, who’s to say what parents should be feeding their children?  Most parents run into the food store and quickly grab processed, packaged snacks made with alarming additives and chemicals.  If these parents took a minute to glance at the ingredient list, I assure you … Continued