Gluten-Free Oatmeal Cranberry Chocolate Chip Cookies

Nothing says holidays more than a cup of hot cocoa and fresh baked cookies. These cookies have that old fashion oatmeal cookie flavor but with a twist. The sweet-tart flavor of the cranberry mixed with the rich chocolate flavor is sure to be a hit. Great to serve guests, wrap up and give for gifts … Continued

Healthy Sweet Potato Soup

This Healthy Sweet Potato Soup is made from tender roasted sweet potatoes and fresh cranberries. It’s luxuriously flavorful and delicious for any meal. I’ve been seeing so many bags of fresh cranberries in the food store and I felt inclined to grab a bag and discover new creative ways to use them aside from cranberry … Continued

Healthy Gluten-Free Thanksgiving Tips n’ Recipes

Tired of the heavy sides and mundane main dishes at your Thanksgiving table? Well, I’ve got some fun, fresh n’ healthy tips to keep your dining experience as pleasureful and worry-free as possible… What scares you most about enjoying Thanksgiving gluten-free? Is it the contamination? The stuffing? The lack of taste? We’ve all got our … Continued

Gingered Cranberry-Orange Holiday Relish

This is a wonderful dish to serve at your holiday table.  I will be serving this relish alongside roasted turkey, grilled fish and roasted root vegetables.  It seems no matter what you pair with this relish, the taste is always exquisite.  I often use leftovers on my turkey sandwich and salad the next day as … Continued

Winter Whole Wheat Cranberry Bread

Gotta love dried cranberries and cashews…two of my favorites, so I thought I’d toss them into my whole wheat bread recipe.  To my surprise, the bread was fantastic and the tender cranberries and ground cashews were the perfect touch to this warm winter bread.  I served each slice with an additional dollop of Stonyfield Oikos … Continued