TLT (Tofu, Lettuce n' Tomato) Sandwich

I just made this divine TLT sandwich for my lunch today and I cannot stop raving over it! I will definitely be making this my lunch staple a few times each week! Ingredients 1 medium tomato 2 pieces Kale (or your green “a.k.a. lettuce” of choice) 14 ounces water packed extra-firm tofu, drained 1 Tablespoon Dijon … Continued

Super Foods on a Budget

In this day n’ age…the economy isn’t looking too shabby.  We all have to learn to cut back on certain things, however, we should not be cutting back on our nutritious foods as we must continue to feed our bodies with healthy super foods everyday.  Here are a few of my favorite super foods that … Continued


We’ve all heard, “Eat more Fiber”…for crying out loud…it’s in every health magazine article, mentioned in numerous commercials,the topic of convo at lunch, and advertised on thousands of food products we encounter every single day. So, what is all of this fuss about fiber? Let me start by saying that FIBER is FABULOUS. I myself, … Continued