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Stomach Pain After Eating | Appendix Pain 

If you’ve ever found yourself with a stomach in sudden distress, you know just how upsetting it can be to the rest of your day. Usually, an upset stomach is the product of excess acidity from the wrong food combinations, highly acid-forming foods such as sugar and meat, excessive use of pharmaceutical or recreational drugs or the intake of poisonous substances. Still, there’s no reason to fret. Using these tips, you may find relief through effective alkalization in your stomach and digestive tract, and wish that upset stomach good bye!

Baking Soda & Water

Sodium bicarbonate neutralizes excess acidity in the stomach and can be used as often as required for acidic relief. Take 1 tsp. of baking soda mixed into a glass of purified water and, if necessary, repeat again in 3 hours.

Organic Apple Cider Vinegar & Organic Raw Honey

Apple cider vinegar is a great digestive aid and stomach alkalizer; it contains malic acid, not the acidifying acetic acid found in other vinegars. It increases the flow of gastric juices in the stomach and counteracts acidity throughout the digestive tract. Take 2 Tbsp. with 1 tsp. of raw organic honey in purified warm water 30 minutes before meals. You can also take this any time during the day or evening on an empty stomach for alkaline relief.

Fresh Organic Lemon Juice & Water

Mix the juice of two large, organic lemons with 4 oz. of purified water and take one teaspoon of this every 20 minutes until your upset stomach passes.

Pure Charcoal Powder

Charcoal in tablet or capsule form can be used in cases of extreme stomach acidity due to fermentation, poor digestion or food poisoning. Take the dose recommended by your Integrative M.D.; you can also stir 1 tsp. of the powder into a glass of purified water for relief of strong acid pain in your stomach.

Cream of Tartar

This is a highly alkalizing source of natural potassium. You can combine 1/2 tsp. of cream of tartar with 3 oz. of purified water for immediate relief of acid-forming reactions in the body, including the acidity from anxiety and stress.


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