A big thank you to the folks over at Stonyfield for sending me a wonderful package of Oikos Organic Greek Yogurt coupons and merchandise.  My clients were thrilled to receive these coupons and have already started purchasing Stonyfield’s various other products.


Oikos Organic Greek Yogurt comes in the following flavors:



My clients enjoyed the plain flavor in place of their mayonnaise and sour cream.  The tart flavor of Greek yogurt may take some taste bud adjustments, but overall my clients and I loved using the Plain yogurt in lieu of processed mayonnaise and sour cream.


The vanilla flavor was delicious and my clients and I enjoyed this with our morning cereal and granola.  The vanilla flavor is just right and not too strong; the sweetness is perfect and compliments fruit and cereal quite well.


My clients loved the honey flavor; this was their favorite flavor, by a long shot! They used the honey yogurt in their oatmeal, mixed into their tuna salad with red grapes and as a dip for whole grain crackers and dried fruits such as papaya and pineapple.  My clients and I also used this honey flavor in our baking recipes as well as for cupcake toppings! This honey flavor has a delicious taste and does not taste ‘fake’ or ‘artificial’…the honey yogurt takes the cake and wins for the best flavor!


My clients and I enjoyed tasting the blueberry flavor; it was not our favorite, however, it was quite tasty and complimented our dessert recipes.  We used the blueberry yogurt in our morning muesli and cereal.  We also tested the blueberry flavor in our smoothies and dessert mouse recipes-the result was quite delish, however, we agreed that the blueberry flavor was more suitable and tasty when added to a recipe instead of alone.

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