A big thank you to Mix My Granola who sent me a $25 Complimentary Gift Certificate to ‘Create My Own Granola.’  This company is AMAZING.  You have to check out their website where you can customize your own very own granola. 


The website is quite user-friendly; you start by simply selecting the type of granola base you would like, then choose from a variety of add-in’s such as nuts/seeds, dried fruits, chocolates, and much more! They have an extensive and unique variety of different options to choose from…you can customize your granola to be sweet, savory, salty or even a mix of all three. 

My mix included the following:

  • Granola
  • Dried Cranberries
  • Crystallized Ginger
  • Sesame Sticks
  • Peanuts
  • Corn Pops
  • Rice Crispies
  • Oat Bran Flakes

My mixture was delicious and I shared the granola with many of my clients.  Here is what they had to say about my very own, customized  “Mix My Granola”:

  • “You have got to try MixMyGranola’s personalized granola creations–it’s amazing. I just received my first order and I’m never going back to mass marketed granola again. It’s all the best parts of regular granola, plus any of your favorite snacks added. “
  • “It’s so good- all of the ingredients arrived fresh in a tube with a personalized label. The mixture is great on top of yogurt, with milk, or just by itself. “
  • “I loved this granola, however,  I’ve noticed that after a few days, some of the corn pops became a little stale, so I’ve moved my concoction from the tube into a Ziploc bag– it’s staying much fresher in there.”
  • “If anyone is looking for a good, healthy breakfast or snack option, I highly recommend visiting the site. The best part is that you have control of everything that goes into your granola. Don’t like chocolate, add dried fruit.  If you think granola is too high in fat, opt for the low-fat kind. The possibilities are endless.”

So, overall my Mix My Granola creation was a success and my clients loved it as well.  Be sure to check out their website and have fun customizing your very own granola.  This product is a great idea for gifts as well; they sell gift certificates on their website so you can send to a friend and have them create their own granola…how fun!

Are you a fan of granola? If so, what brands do you purchase?


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  1. I have always steered clear of granola because of it’s caloric density. Instead I normally stick to Kashi Go Lean and now the fiber bark. (My new name for the Scandinavian bars)

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