Last weekend I joined in on the yummy fun at the NYC Food & Wine Festival.

Lots of good food, drinks, music and celebrity chef appearances from The Food Network stars.

KIND Snacks, makers of our favorite gluten-free granola and bars, sent me to the Trucks & Train event on Sunday hosted by Andrew Zimmerman.

They were KIND enough to offer me two tickets- so I thought who better to bring along for a day of eating and music, than my dad. Right?

He’s the main man in my life and we’ve been through a lot together so I thought it would be a nice bonding experience to eat n’ chat n’ hang out.

And it was perfect.

Absolutely perfect.

Aside from the circle of food trucks- the band, Train performed live and the weather was a perfect 10: sunshine and 70 degrees. Not to shabby for Manhattan in September, huh?

As you can see there were tons of food trucks- everything from Souvlaki Pitas to Seafood Okonomiyaki and Autumn Squash Soup to Kind Bars with Cabbot Cheese.

It was pretty cool to see the popular Manhattan food trucks all in one spot- the crowd went wild over the tasty treats and great music. I spent a lotta time over at the KIND truck- they surprised me with a huge goodie bag of their gluten-free granola and bars- which I’ve been munching on with clients, all week.  They were the only gluten-free truck there so I was all about going back for seconds and thirds, hehe.

They served KIND bars with a slice of Cabbot cheese on a toothpick; so clever. And so Not messy. Every other truck’s snack called for 20 napkins but the KIND truck simply had it all figured out. Just a pop in your mouth and you were all set.

Nothin’ like a lil’ gluten-free protein on a stick, right?

‘I’m not gunna lie- I think I’m “Drinking the Cool-Aid” as they say because my family and I are a bit obsessed with these bars and granola. I actually caught my mom and dad eating them last week when they visited me in NYC and I never knew they were bar fans- until now. Kinda cool that we’re all about KIND Snacks- they’re granola is too good to eat just one handful. And kinda (well, actually very) tasty.

Thank you KIND Snacks for a great day at the NYC Food & Wine Festival; I had a great time nibbling on your treats and bonding with my father.

There’s nothing quite like Manhattan on a sunny October day with good food, good music and good company.

Check out my article over at October Unprocessed and join in the fun with my good friend, Andrew!

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  1. We were visiting our daughter and son-in-law in NYC last weekend and saw the food trucks all gathered around. They live in the West Village. We used Gluten Free Globetrotter’s map of gluten free food places all weekend and ate very well indeed. Our first trip to the Big Apple since they got married last summer! Looking forward to more trips.

    1. Thanks Barb; so great to hear from you! Congrats on your daughter’s marriage; so glad to hear you had a great time in NYC! Erin has great suggestions for restaurants and hope you tasted some yummy gluten free treats while you were here too.
      Have a great weekend and thank you again for your comment!

  2. HI AMIE,


  3. An eye opening event on a beautiful day in NYC, your energy level and enthusiasm never cease to amaze me. Thanks Amie!