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Okay folks, we’re taking a break from food today to chat about a subject that’s near n’ dear to my heart. YES, I am an organic foodie and a detox guru when it comes to food, but as you know from my numerous pages on Beauty, Cleaning Products and Personal Care Products — Detox is NOT just about your food. It’s also about what you put on your body – not just what you put in it. Eat all the organic food you want but if you’re using toxic cleaning products and beauty care or personal care products – well then you’ve got a big boo boo. Ya know what I mean?
So, who’s ready to redefine clean with non-toxic cleaning products?
Since the day I was diagnosed with health issues (Hypothyroidism, Lyme Disease, PCOS, Leaky Gut, Heavy Metals, Candida, etc.) I’ve been on the lookout for a cleaning product that isn’t toxic to my health (if you didn’t know this —- cleaning products leach through your skin and into your bloodstream… so if you are using toxic cleaning products like conventional Windex, Tilex, Clorex, etc., you’re absorbing all that toxic junk right into your blood and of course, into your gut – hello Leaky Gut and inflammation. Yuck.
Last year, I discovered these two fabulous women, the founders of Branch Basics – who are my age – and I swear we are sisters! They started a company called Branch Basics which creates cleaning products with 100% whole, natural ingredients to inspire people to understand the TRUE definition of clean.
  • NO Pesticides (Common in many cleaners, under the ingredient ‘Preservatives’)
  • NO Fragrances
  • NO Preservatives
  • NO Foaming Agents
  • NO GMO’s
  • NO Animal Testing


What DO they have? A whole lotta heart and an incredible mission to remove dirt, dust, grease and grime as well as removing the residue left behind from previous cleaners.
It can be used as a laundry detergent-but get this.. it NOT only cleans clothes, it removes TOXIC detergents and softeners in the fabric. This is insanely amazing. Since I started taking hot yoga classes – I’ve been doing most of my own laundry and I love being able to use their products to wash my clothes by hand or in the washing machine. Yay!
Their product is a multitasking powerhouse, tough enough to dissolve car engine grease – yet gentle enough to use with babies (AND on babies skin, too). There are NO precautionary labels such as irritating to the eyes, skin or lungs and NO ‘Keep out of Reach of Children’ Warnings on these labels — no synthetic ingredients. Simply just the power of pure – the true definition of clean.
Their goal is not to frighten you (and neither is mine) about your existing products that you are using but instead to give you the ability to distinguish between toxic commercial claims and the truth behind everyday cleaning products that can be harming your health.
We all know stains are a beast of their own and each one is different! For new, average stains, the 1:5 dilution (used for 99% of uses) will take care of it. Just spray, let sit a few minutes and agitate with a damp cloth. Sometimes it will even disappear like magic and you don’t need to blot. Those are the best. For really tough, older stains, such as almond butter on my shirt, pour/spray straight concentrate (undiluted) and let it sit over night. Then rinse with water/throw in the wash.
Their ingredients are pure and biodegradable. Their FIRST ingredient is purified water. Amaaaaazing, right? This water if recycled through reverse osmosis and is essential to the integrity of their end product (Streak-free windows, anyone?) because tap water used in typical product manufacturing facilities is full of pollutants. Yuck!
Food Grade and Pharmaceutical-Grade: Coconut oil, minerals, enzymes, and fatty acids come from edible, leafy green and seed-bearing plants. They are 100% pharmaceutical and remain in their purest form throughout the process. They also use food-grade alcohol as a manufacturing catalyst, which is completely evaporated out before bottling.
Free: Their formula is free of dyes, preservatives, synthetic fragrances and other synthetic ingredients, neurotoxins, carcinogens and endocrine disruptors. Wahoooo!
Local: They source ingredients as close to their home as possible to minimize their environmental impact with costly shipping.
organic detox cleaning products
What Branch Basics is NOT:
  • Allergenic: No gluten, wheat, soy, dairy, nuts or corn.
  • Genetically Modified: No ingredients whose cells have been modified or whose traits don’t occur in nature.
  • Cross-Contaminated: They’re a dedicated facility, which means there are no other products made in their building. Their mixers are only used to produce their product!
  • Heated or Cooled During Manufacturing: There is no damage to live plant enzymes which enhance and boost cleaning power!
  • Perishable: Their ingredients are stabilized through a proprietary process so that they remain fresh for years. Thus, I order in bulk and I can feel good about purchasing them without having them expire!
Aside from all this info about the actual product, I just want to say that I truly believe in this brand and love their mission – they’re more than just soap. Their message is about ditching synthetics in your life, what you put in, on and around your bodies all goes to the same place — your bloodstream! Just as its crucial to eat real food, it’s just as important to use products with real ingredients in your home and on your body and discovering the power of pure. I feel so honored to have met these women last year and I feel that we’ve grown together since we’ve met…. we’re all fighting our own personal health battles and we’re overcoming them day by day with clean foods, clean personal care products and now clean ‘cleaning products’. And an itty bitty side-note — I was just with these ladies at a conference in LA in September and I went over to their booth to give them both a BIG hug and seriously spilled their glass of RED WINE all over their table cloth of their beautiful booth – YES they have pictures to prove this and I was SO embarrassed and felt so terrible…. but they actually thanked me (ahhaa) because they used their cleaning products on this HUGE stain and a few hours later the tablecloth was white again. Seriously — magic without chemicals? I was shocked – and so I had to write this post about their products to tell you all about them, hehe!
Please note, all opinions in this blog post are my own. I am a HUGE fan of Branch Basics and this blog post is meant to educate you, my readers, whom I love – about the harmful ingredients in everyday cleaning products and how just making this one small change to clean up your household cleaners – can make all the difference in the world with your health. I am living proof. I tossed my chemical cleaners and I use this soap to clean my home, my body in the shower, my clothes and so much more. It’s amazing to have finally found ONE product that does everything for me – without having to worry about toxins floating around my home.
non-toxic cleaning products
P.S. I spend SO much time cooking and cleaning in my kitchen, which I’m sure you do too, and Branch Basics has been a lifesaver for my awful spills and stains that happen more often than not.
You can visit the Branch Basics website and check out their products for more info but I’m confident you’ll love ’em as much as I do. Happy Cleaning!


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  1. The review is wonderful! I was curious to know more about Branch Basics and the formula that they are using as I know that many companies that are producing commercial cleaning products sometimes claim that their products are green but in fact they are not. Thanks for sharing this information. I’d love to try the products form Branch Basics! Greets!

  2. Awesome product! Thank you for showing it to us and about the detailed information! It’s really important for me to clean with natural products. Unfortunately, I don’t have enough time to make it by my own that’s why I will try out that one as soon as possible!

  3. Thank you for this wonderful review! For the first time I hear about Branch Basics and I am pretty impressed! Greets, Cleaners Up Ltd.

  4. I had heard of this brand before, but never anything about them. Thanks for all of the great info! I think its as important to detox on the outside as the inside. This sounds like a great start!

  5. Love all the info on your website – can’t wait to do a deep dive. I listened to a webinar on Leaky Gut last night and realized I HAVE TO GET RID OF gluten in my diet – your book is perfect. Ty for the offer.

  6. i will definitely check into these products. I’m always looking for better ways to clean.
    The cookbook looks interesting that you are giving away . You can never have too many. Right!