organic bras

Ahhhhh organic bras. Why the heck would you want to wear an organic bra?

O, let me count the ways.

I’m going to tell you all about organic bras today and why they’re healthier to wear than using non-organic fabrics on your breasts. The majority of clothing manufacturers coat their bras and underwear in toxic chemicals at different stages throughout the production process. These chemicals are not washed out! Just like when you get an apple from the food store that’s not organic, it’s coated with pesticides, herbicides and other toxic chemicals so washing the apple is not going to get rid of the toxins because they are IN the fruit. Same goes for your bras and underwear and clothing. VOCs, chlorine bleach, ammonia, phalates, heavy metals, amonia and more. Gross, isn’t it? And sad that we actually put this on our skin!

Don’t worry, ladies….I’ve got my favorite organic underwear coming in a post in a few weeks so you can have all of your under garments made from organic fabrics.


Definitely not the first thing you think about when you’re detoxing your body, is it?


I didn’t think so.

The bras I selected today are made from natural and organic fabric, which means fewer pesticides and chemicals coming into contact with your body’s most sensitive area. Think about it. Would you put a fabric treated with toxins and chemicals on your breasts and your nipples?

Again, I didn’t think so.

I haven’t converted all my bras to be organic yet but I’m on the road to doing so and these are a few of my favorites.

I hope you love ’em.



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