Migraine Headache Relief

Back in 2013 I started to get awful migraine headaches and I couldn’t figure out why. Every Western Medicine M.D. always told me I had sinus problems and that was the cause of my headaches, however they were wrong. My sinuses were perfect- and all those sinus medications these doctors gave me to cover up my symptoms- got thrown in the trash. I visited an Integrative M.D. here in Manhattan, Dr. Benjamain Ascher who was wonderful and so incredibly helpful. Turns out the pain in my head was being caused my the muscles in my neck and back!

Here are a few tips that helped me become migraine-free! I hope you find them useful.

Drink Purified Alkaline Water: Be sure to drink enough purified, alkaline water each day. I use an alkaline water filter.

Eat Whole, Organic Foods: Eat real, whole foods that are clean and organic. Avoid junk food, processed, or packaged foods if possible.

Stress Less: If you’re stressed, try meditation, or take a hot Epsom salt bath, put in a little lavender oil in your bathwater, and relax away your headache. The magnesium from Epsom salts helps relieve headache pain.

If You Have Eye and Temple Headaches: Apply a few drops of organic lavender oil to your temples and wrists. I use Aura Cacia organic oils and love them!

If You Have Neck or Shoulder Tension: Schedule a deep tissue massage to reduce the tension built up in your muscles.   Try using Tiger Balm or Arnica on your muscles to help sooth them.  Steam rooms are also helpful to loosen tight muscles.

For Traveling or On-the-Go Days: Try eating fresh ginger or enjoying a cup of hot ginger tea a few times a day.

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