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I’m honored to feature a woman who has become a dear friend to me and who has helped me tremendously with my hormonal imbalances, Aimee Raupp. Aimee is an acupuncturist and herbalist and author of numerous incredible books that you can read about here. I started seeing Aimee as a patient in the fall after we met while both speaking at a conference and we hit it off immediately. She truly is a wealth of information and understands the body in ways no one else could explain to me throughout my journey! She helps hundreds of women get pregnant and I’ve seen first-hand how she works her magic in balancing hormones in women. I’m delighted so share a bit about Aimee’s work with you today because I know there are thousands of you dealing with hormonal imbalances and stress.



AV: You’ve helped me tremendously with my hormones and I’m forever grateful for you. Tell us about your work and what got you into acupuncture.

AR: My main focus is to amplify the wellness of my patients. I do that through helping them optimize & reawaken their health on every level: emotionally, physically & nutritionally. Whether I’m working to balance hormones, improve fertility, regulate the immune system or get my patient feel better or a daily basis my approach is holistic, introspective & deeply compassionate.  One of the primary tools I use is acupuncture- a 5,000 year old medicine that works to bring balance & harmony to your body and it’s energy flow. I found acupuncture while I was en route to become a western medical doctor and I never looked back.


AV: What was the major turning point for you in your journey so far?

AR: When I realized that no matter what the condition is that I am treating is entirely a function of the individuals emotional, physical and nutritional health. That all three pieces need to be worked on because your body and all of its cells hear everything your brain says. There is no separation of mind and body and if you desire optimal health then these components must be worked on synergistically.


AV: What inspires you the most when you’re writing for your blog or when you write your books?

AR: Seeing the amazing transformations my clients experience. Yes, if I’m working with a fertility client seeing her finally get and stay pregnant is so fulfilling. But it’s beyond that- there’s a transformation that takes place for that client that has awakened their health and allowed for the manifestation of their deepest desires. It’s awe inspiring and an honor to be a part of.


AV: What don’t people realize about your practice? What would surprise them?

AR: I’m an undercover therapist. It’s so much more than acupuncture. It’s truly a health reawakening. I am coaching you every step of the way to not only be your healthiest self but to believe in your body again.


AV: Tell us the top symptoms you see in women today and a few ways we can start to balance our hormones naturally.

AR: Well, there’s a lot going on with women these days and hormonal imbalances like menstrual difficulties, fertility challenges, thyroid disorders are huge because of all the environmental toxins in our food supply, the air we breathe and the products we put on our skin. Oh and then there’s all the stress we are dealing with and the pressures we put upon ourselves. There are so many layers to what is going on but if we could get women to focus on tuning into their body cues and honoring and nourishing their body while avoiding environmental toxins and pesticides we would see hormones come back into balance.


AV: How do you stay in your truth?

AR: Meditation helps. My clients help. My family helps. Staying checked in w Aimee is really important to me as being connected to ourselves is what I preach so I make it my business to practice what I preach.


AV: When do you feel most at peace?

AR: When I honor my truth and nurture myself.


AV: How do you de-stress and decompress?

AR: Meditation, journaling, exercise, laugh, cuddle with my boys (my husband and our son), appreciation, cooking and believe it or not my work really destresses me.


AV: How do you nourish your body on a weekly basis? What does nourishment mean to you?

AR: Nourishment to me = self care. I practice self care through communicating my needs, asking for support from my team and my family, cooking most all my food, honoring my body cues, meditating, sleeping, laughing and appreciating the hell out of all my life brings me.


AV: Favorite ways to naturally detox daily:

AR: First- detox is a way of living not a 3 day juice cleanse. So I detox by choosing healthy, nutrient dense foods that are organic and non processed, using bath, beauty & home products that are pure enough to eat & emotionally expressing myself as toxic emotions can be the most detrimental to health.


AV: Favorite meal to cook:

AR: Bone broth egg drop soup!.


AV: Typical breakfast:

AR: Eggs with spinach or bone broth egg drop soup w spinach.


AV: Life changing book you’ve read:

AR: Deepak Chopra: Seven Spiritual Laws of Success; Paolo Cohelo: The Alchemist; Jerry & Esther Hicks: The Vortex.


AV: Finish these Sentences:



Health is…wealth.

The future…is bright.

Happiness…is now.

Life…is amazing and getting better all the time.

I am…doing the best I can do. Things are always working out for me.

There’s a time and place for…everything. Welcome it all in.

There is too much…sugar.

There is not enough….love.

In the end…the love you take is equal to the love you make.

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