relaxation playlist to soothe your body!

Hey there May. It’s warming up in Manhattan and I couldn’t be more excited for flip-flops and sunshine. This month’s playlist is all about RELAXING.

Who doesn’t need more of that in their life?

These songs are soothing and peaceful and they’re ideal for playing in your home when you are washing the dishes or doing laundry or making dinner to keep your body relaxed and your vibration (aka the way you feel and the energy you emit) positive. I spent many years listening to pop music, which I still love once in awhile, but I found that when I took a step back and focused on listening to softer, slower music, my nervous system thanked me.

You may find the same thing happens to you.

Try it out for yourself and see how you feel after listening to these songs while you’re doing your daily to-do’s that you may not love doing such as laundry! You may notice these songs raise your vibration, soften your stiff shoulders and bring you into a more relaxed state.


Click the PLAY button to listen.

Let me know how you feel after you listen to these songs.



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