Last night.

I had a date with myself.

Just me, myself and I.

Well, that’s usually how it is every night but last night was different.

Somewhat special.

The weather here in Manhattan has cooled off and now there is a fall-like breeze in the air.

The humidity is behind us, hopefully, and the days and nights have been incredible.

Time to switch off the air conditioner and let the summer breeze blow into the apartment. Ahhhhhhhhh. So refreshing.

I switched my Pandora music station to Calm Meditation Radio and I’m a bit obsessed. I close my eyes and feel as though I’m back in Canyon Ranch getting a full body massage. I swear I listen to this station all day and all night long, I’m just waiting for my ‘free’ Pandora monthly account to expire and then I’ll have to find another way to listen to this relaxing music. But for now, it’s pure bliss.

It keeps me even keeled during the day and relaxes me. I’ve been focusing on taking each moment at a time, each breath at a time, each meal and snack one by one and truly enjoying the little things. I’ve been dabbling with yoga and meditation since I was sick back in December and all of the Eastern medicine doctors I’ve been to promote it so I thought I should try it out.  I’ve been meditating a lot. Every weekend at the beach in the early mornings sitting in the inlet watching the boats go by…some coming in from deep sea fishing and a long night out on the water…others just venturing out into the ocean as the sun rises to be the first on the water.

It’s relaxing.

It’s peaceful.

It’s perfect.

It’s bliss.

Where have I been all of these years?

I’ve lived in Manhattan for 6 years now. But where have I been? It’s been a whirlwind. It seems like yesterday I was working at Ralph Lauren and Vogue and now they’re both just a memory in the past. Now, my days are just as busy but it’s busy in a different way because I love what I do and I’m working from home.  I’ve never worked so many hours in my life, but it doesn’t seem like work to me. Even though it’s 11PM, I’m still going strong. It’s funny because I used to come home from my day job and crash by 6PM, now I am just gaining speed at 6PM and starting to fire off emails long into the night…letting my creative juices flow. Funny how things change, isn’t it?

It’s amazing how the little things can just simply create a smile, isn’t it? Fresh lemons and limes in pure water.  Ripe avocados eaten with a spoon.  Summer breeze and sunshine, the sound of kids on the swing set down the street, the love of walking the streets of Manhattan with no purpose at all but to just simply, walk.

I had lunch yesterday with Joy Bauer, the nutritionist for The Today Show on NBC and she was lovely, quite adorable. Walking home I was all smiles…the sun was out, the breeze was cool and I was walking up Madison Avenue (one of my favorite avenues in Manhattan- well, let me rephrase that: I love Madison Avenue from 63rd Street thru 95th Street).  I don’t know why, but it just makes me happy. Always has, always will.

Aunt Val, you know, as you’ve said the same thing over and over.  It just is FabUlouS.

I’ve grown a lot these past 6 years. And it’s nice to finally be able to appreciate it and to savor each day and enjoy each sunshine and wake up happy to be doing what I’m doing.

After waking up for the past eight months in stomach pain and dealing with doctors every day, I’m healing and my stomach is slowly but surely getting stronger.  I swear it’s the two ripe avocados I eat whole everyday.

They’re amazing.

Soothing. And amazing.

I’m nervous for the next two weeks. Getting my mercury fillings removed and replaced, then next month undergoing chelation to rid the mercury out of the tissues in my body.  It’s going to be a long road but I know there’s a light at the end of the tunnel. Still having some leg swelling, which is frustrating to say the least and painful. A stomach ache here and there but can’t pin point it to any particular foods…well, dairy is a no-no and wheat and soy as they’re not for me right now…my body just can’t digest them and they cause me pain.

But I’m finding ways, believe me, to make my meals and snacks delicious. Can we say avocados, hummus, lime juice, cherry tomatoes, fresh cilantro, mint, parsley and oooszzzyyzzyyy gooeyyy sunny side up eggs atop baked veggies? I think so. And believe me, its become a staple. Everyday. Maybe even twice a day. Hehe.

But hey, it tastes good and I love it and that’s all that matters.


Because, it makes me happy.

So, here I leave you with my fridge for the week. A little sneak peak into my life this week.  I’ve already eaten a lot and the fresh tomatoes and avocados are on my counter top in brown paper bags gettin’ nice and ripe, but here is a lil’ snippet of what The Healthy Apple nibbles on throughout the day.  Some chia seeds, flax seeds, hemp seeds, wheat grass powder, chopped Pomi tomatoes, fresh herbs, squash, onions, zucchini, hummus…and some other ods n’ eds. I love my simple summer veggies and fresh produce.

I’m getting hungry again.

Back to the fridge I go.  This stuff in here doesn’t last very long.

Enjoy your weekend, foodies.


What’s in your fridge this week?


Join me tomorrow at the Integral Yoga Day For Your Health Vegetarian Fair here in Manhattan for my Gluten-Free Food Demo from 12-1PM.

Looking forward to seeing you there.

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  1. LOVE oozy gooey sunny side up eggs on veggies for breakfast. MY FAVORITE. I particularly love them on kale or asparagus. I just LOVE asparagus. Fun to see your fridge. Thanks for sharing.

    1. Ooo me too; I may have to come over for that one of these days. Miss you and hope to see you soon for our tea date. xox

  2. Loved this post. And the image of you meditating on the beach. Good luck getting your fillings out this week.

    Hare krishna hare hare 🙂

    1. Thanks Kerr….great to hear from you and thank you for your comment.So great seeing you yesterday and can’t wait for the beach this weekend with you! Have a great week.

  3. A date with yourself is one of the most fabulous things. Glad to hear you are getting better. Those 2 avocados a day are such powerful foods.

  4. Wow. There is too much to say, so I won’t even start…but wow. I wish I had your strength. I always feel that I repeat the same bad mistakes over and over and it’s “too late”. Like I’ve really messed up my poor body. Even shaking after I eat….

    Joy Bauer?! You are a Rockstar Ms. Valpone! 🙂

    Have you been to Canyon Ranch?!! What is it like? It’s been my dream for years to go there…years…I don’t know. Silly I guess. I can’t afford it though.

    1. Awww thanks so much, darling. Great to hear from you. You are so kind with your comments and you don’t give yourself enough credit as you are fabulous! xoxo Enjoy your Sunday afternoon.

    1. Thanks Micaela; yes I use chia seeds in everything from salads to baked goods to smoothies, soups, salsas and even add it to my guacamole. Hope you enjoy them. Have a great weekend!

  5. Amie,

    I appreciated looking through the window of your fridge; mine isn’t quite ready for a photo shoot, but I am making progress! Thanks for the inspiration.

    Question: I see you keep your apple cider vinegar in the fridge; should I be storing mine there instead of the pantry? OOOps!

    By the way, I too am an avocado fan; any tips for keeping them from becoming ripe too fast? I have to buy one fresh every single day in order to prevent them from going ‘bad.’

    1. Thank you, Shelley. So great to hear from you. I keep my vinegar in the fridge to keep it chilled but I know many people who store it in their pantry so it’s just a personal preference. I love ripe avocados but sometimes I buy them really hard and unripe so that I can have them last longer. Sorry but don’t have any tips on how to keep them from ripening but I’ll keep you posted if I come across any. Thanks again, Shelley. Have a great day!

      1. If you store them in the fridge it will take much much longer for them to ripen! (It sometimes takes up to a full week!)